DeSantis Loses Temper When Asked How He’d Differ From Biden On Ukraine


Gov. Ron DeSantis lost his temper when a reporter asked how his Ukraine policy would differ from Joe Biden’s

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis snapped at a reporter when challenged about how his hypothetical Ukraine strategy would differ from the Biden administration.

DeSantis, who is widely expected to run for president, reportedly lost his temper during an interview with David Charter, the U.S. Editor at The Times of London, part of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. Charter wrote that DeSantis offered a “flash of temper” when asked about Ukraine.

“I ask about Ukraine and he says that ‘there’s a critique of Biden, and I think I’m sympathetic to it in the sense that, is our policy just do whatever Zelensky wants? Or do we have a concrete idea of what we’re trying to achieve exactly?’”

When Charter pressed the line of questioning, DeSantis reportedly lost his temper.

“When I ask him how it should be handled differently, he refers to Biden being ‘weak on the world stage’ and failing at deterrence, but as that is not answering how it should be handled now, I ask again.” Charter revealed, “DeSantis does not have anything to add: ‘Perhaps you should cover some other ground? I think I’ve said enough.’”

Some Republican critics have questioned DeSantis’ possible foreign policy, often contending that only 45th President Donald Trump has offered a foreign policy plan that involves a coherent effort to bring peace to the war torn country.

While DeSantis may have been largely silent about his vision for U.S. involvement in the war in Ukraine during his interview with the Times of London, DeSantis backed the U.S. State Department coup in the country a decade ago.

On December 4, 2013, the then-congressman joined Rep. Adam Kinzinger and a collection of other hawkish Republicans to demand the Obama-Biden team step up its support for Ukraine.

“It is deeply troubling,” wrote DeSantis and his colleagues in the letter, for Ukraine to “cast aside years of positive bilateral talks that would move Ukraine closer to EU integration and strengthen their young democracy.”

“The United States must stand with our allies in the EU and demonstrate our desire to see Ukraine continue on their path towards integration with Europe,” DeSantis, Kinzinger, and the other men wrote. “We cannot allow President Putin to undermine these efforts through the threats of economic retaliation or implied force.”

It’s also worth noting that DeSantis’ interview with the Murdoch-owned publication comes as 45th President Donald Trump steps up his attacks on Fox News and its owner.

Trump recently accused Murdoch of throwing his talent under the bus by refusing to back their claims of fraud in the 2020 election, and Trump fumed that the media mogul and “his group of MAGA Hating Globalist RINOS should get out of the News Business as soon as possible.”


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