DEVELOPING: Alvin Bragg Goes After Trump Family Member


Alvin Bragg has hit a new low. …

As it becomes increasingly obvious that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is engaging in a political witch hunt, Alvin Bragg continues to double down instead of backing off.

Multiple sources are now reporting that Bragg is coming after Melania Trump and is attempting to submit a subpoena for her email communications.

Additionally, the Manhattan DA’s office is seeking emails from other key individuals within or associated with the Trump Organization.

The Associated Press, Rawstory, and OK Magazine all corroborated the recent development.

MAGA conservatives continue to point out that these proceedings represent a political witch hunt and lack substance.

Vernon Jones states: “Russia was a witch hunt. Ukraine was a witch hunt. Alvin Bragg’s case is a witch hunt. Jack Smith’s case is a witch hunt. The attacks on Trump are all nothing but a bunch of witch hunts!”

The Associated Press confirmed:

The second subpoena concerns emails exchanged among Trump Organization employees and the White House, as well as severance and confidentiality agreements for key figures in Trump’s company.

Prosecutors are also seeking emails between Trump’s wife, Melania, and Rhona Graff, a longtime company executive.

Rep. Matt Gaetz explained in this short interview: “54% of Americans have indicated that they believe Alvin Bragg’s witch hunt against President Trump is a political prosecution. They’re correct!”

Western Journal shared these details:

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former advisor to Melania Trump, revealed on social media that the former first lady used various communication methods, including multiple email addresses, texts, and the Signal app, while working in the White House.

Winston Wolkoff is best known for recording phone calls between her and Mrs. Trump when she was first lady.

Winston Wolkoff later used those secretly recorded conversations as the basis for a book.


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