DIRTY: Ron DeSantis SuperPAC Running Fake “AI” Lying Ad Against Trump


I know some of you love Ron DeSantis.

He’s done some good things in Florida.

He should stay in Florida and do well for that State that elected him.

He should stay there and be glad Trump helped him overcome a terrible campaign he ran for Governor.

He should remember Trump’s extreme help in getting him to that role.

Instead he chose to forget all of that and think he could “take on Trump”.

Bad move.

So I’m not a big fan.

I value loyalty above most all else, and so does Trump.

But the other reason I’m not a fan is because of his horrible nasally voice and Beta Male personality.

Here’s the thing with Beta Males…

They’re always out of sync.

They’re always TRYING to act like what they THINK a leader acts like.

An Alpha isn’t trying to emulate anything.

An Alpha just acts instinctually and genuinely.

Oh you might not always like everything they do and they can be tough around the edges, but they’re usually genuine and true to themselves and consistent.

Notable Alphas include:

Donald J. Trump

Kari Lake

For those of you who have watched succession, Logan Roy is about as Alpha as they get.

Those are Alphas.

Betas include:

Ronald DeSantis

Jeb Bush

You get the idea.

Betas are always doing all the wrong things at all the wrong times.

They trying to muster up bluster, thinking it’s what a true leader would do, but it just comes off looking and sounding “fake”.

They often get red and splotchy in the neck.

Their speech and timing is all off and awkward.

Pair that with a nasally voice and you’ve got major CRINGE.

So why do I tell you all of that?

Because like I said, they’re always doing the wrong things at the wrong times thinking it’s what a true leader would do.

They don’t know leadership…

It’s not inherently within them….

They’re just trying to emulate what they think it should look like.

And so they go off and do stupid things like what I’m about to show you.

To be fair, this is not Ron DeSantis himself, but one of his Super PACs.

Check out how lame this is….they created a Fake AI video of Donald Trump saying something he never said.

Not even remotely close.

But they created it and then tried to pass it off as if Trump had said it and they then turned it into an attack ad.

Now do you see why I don’t like this DeSanctus guy?

Donald Trump has many faults (we all do) but one thing he is very good at is judging character and often judging it very early.

He nailed DeSantis early on and even when people didn’t understand it, it turns out he was right.

Look at this:

Folks, understand that is completely FAKE.

Trump never said that.

Alpha Kari Lake immediately called it out:

The ad was released by “Never Back Down”.

Even that stupid name for a Super PAC is such a Beta name.

It’s what a Beta THINKS a good slogan would be.

So lame:

From Politico:

A pro-Ron DeSantis super PAC uses an Artificial Intelligence version of Donald Trump’s voice in a new television ad attacking the former president.

The ad, from Never Back Down, charges Trump with attacking Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds as part of a larger pattern of disrespect he has shown to the first caucus state.

But the audio that the spot uses is not actually from Trump. A person familiar with the ad confirmed Trump’s voice was AI generated. Its content appears to be based off of a post that Trump made on his social media site Truth Social last week. The person said it will run statewide in Iowa tomorrow and that the ad buy was at least $1 million — a massive sum though one doable for the well-heeled super PAC. It will also be running via text message and on digital platforms.

Political ads have used impersonation before, and the Trump-generated voice in the Never Back Down ad does not sound entirely natural. Still, the spot highlights what could be the next frontier of campaign advertising: The use of AI-generated content to produce increasingly difficult to identify, so-called deepfakes.

I have to end with this:

So funny!

As they said, DeSantis struck first so all is fair game LOL!

At least this one is clearly disclosed as a fake, right?

The Left (and DeSantis) can’t meme.

Team Trump can.


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