Donald Trump Honors Veterans, Makes BIG Promise He Will Enact on ‘Day One’ of His Presidency


On Saturday, in observance of Veterans Day, former President Donald Trump kicked off his rally in Claremont, New Hampshire with a tribute to veterans and their families.

“Let’s express our eternal gratitude to every veteran in this room—and every proud veteran across the great state of New Hampshire,” Trump began his speech.

He also said, “I will also make it a personal mission to completely eradicate veterans’ homelessness in America.”

Trump also paid tribute to a number of Gold Star family members who had lost loved ones in the tragic withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan under the Biden administration.

A mortar attack occurred on August 26, 2021, outside the Kabul Airport, as part of the mismanaged withdrawal. This incident claimed the lives of 170 Afghan civilians and 13 U.S. service members. According to RSBN, when the remains of the fallen soldiers were later returned, Biden checked his watch numerous times while paying his respects, which many Gold Star families deemed “disrespectful.”

He also said, “I will also make it a personal mission to completely eradicate veterans’ homelessness in America.”

In support of his claim that he has assisted veterans as president, Trump cited the Veterans Accountability Act and VA Choice.

Trump also touted his record of helping veterans as president, citing the Veterans Accountability Act and VA Choice, as evidence of such.

“After years of scandal, betrayal, and neglect under the Obama-Biden administration, I signed the VA Accountability Act—allowing us to tell the sadists who mistreated our veterans, ‘You’re fired,’” said Trump.

“I also signed VA Choice and made it permanent so that veterans can get medical care at the private healthcare provider of their CHOICE,” Trump noted.

He added, “Under the Trump administration, we lived by the motto, ‘PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT,’ and there is no more solemn pledge than a promise to American veterans.”

Trump added that “On Day One, I will sign an executive order to cut off Biden’s spigot of money for the shelter and transport of illegal aliens and we will redirect a large portion of the savings to provide shelter and treatment for our own homeless veterans.”

Trump also made his best promise to veterans: “I will prevent World War 3.”


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