Donald Trump: I Never Considered Ron DeSantis For VP


Any ideas of a 2024 Republican ticket with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his vice president contender were all but put to rest by former President Donald Trump.

DeSantis hasn’t declared his run for president in 2024 like Trump has, but many anticipate him to. The governor was asked if he’d ever consider serving as Trump’s vice presidential running partner, if it came to that, during his interview on Newsmax on Thursday afternoon.

DeSantis retorted, “I think I’m probably more of an executive guy. “I believe you want to have the ability to do things. That’s one of the reasons I accepted this position—because there is activity here. We can do things, and I believe that’s probably my strongest suit.

Trump stated to Newsmax on Friday that it is “extremely improbable” that he would ask DeSantis to serve as his vice president.

Rob Schmitt, the host, questioned Trump, “Was that ever an option for you?”

No, he replied, “I never considered it. “I believe that the Republican Party has a lot of wonderful members. I had never considered it. But, you know, occasionally, a few people may bring it up, but that’s about it. No, I believe that coalition to be quite implausible.

After promoting DeSantis for his present job in 2018, Trump once more claimed responsibility for his ascension within the GOP.

Hey, I hired him,” he said further. In the surveys, he was doing poorly. He had abandoned politics. I gave him my support even though he planned to leave politics. He increased dramatically from a very low to a very high number.

The former president criticized DeSantis once more for having previously backed raising the Social Security eligibility age.

Trump continued, “If you look at his voting record, he can’t win because he voted against Social Security.” He voted against issues that are quite vital, after all. He cast a no vote on Medicare. He wished to significantly increase the eligibility age for Social Security benefits.

DeSantis is a follower of former House Speaker Paul Ryan, according to Trump, which is far from a compliment in today’s conservative politics.


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