Dr. Peter McCullough Names Names! “Greatest Crime Against Humanity!”


Dr. Peter McCullough has long been a favorite of ours and for very good reason.

But it seems like even for all the good he’s done, he’s really taken it up a notch recently!

And I’m so glad he is!

Keep the gloves off, this is quite literally bio-pharma war…big stakes!

Check out this short video where he literally names all the names of those who he says have committed the Greatest Crimes Against Humanity:

Is he right?

Do you agree with him?

More from Dr. McCullough here:

Dr. Peter McCullough: “I saw two cases of myocarditis my entire career — now I see two per day!”

Dr. Peter McCullough has been one of the “good guys” from the very beginning.

One of the few physicians to actually honor his oath and “first do no harm”.

Wish we had a lot more like him.

But this latest clip really put it in perspective for me.


“I’m a cardiologist. I can tell you before COVID-19, I saw two cases of myocarditis my entire career … two cases over decades. Now, I see two cases per day in the clinic.”

Check out this clip:

Watch the full discussion with Doctors Peter McCullough, Roger Hodkinson, William Makis & more here:


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