Dr. Pierre Kory: Big Pharma is ‘TERRIFIED’ of Vitamin D Why?


They lie to us about everything….

I sure hope you learned that lesson after everything we’ve been through with President Trump since 2015?

But it’s not just politics.

They lie about finances (I keep warning that Banks and the USD will soon crash)…

They lie about the Earth and Space and Moon Landings…

And they also lie about your HEALTH.

We learned that in 2020, didn’t we?

But it’s so much worse than you even realized.

We reported very early on in the “planned-demic” that everyone should get as much sun exposure as they can and supplement with additional Vitamin D supplements.

But what did the Legacy Media tell you to do?

Stay inside!

And if you do leave your house, cover up your face so almost no skin is available to soak in any Vitamin D!

They told you the EXACT OPPOSITE of what would have made a huge difference.

God programmed our bodies and set up this world so that it’s fairly idiot-proof.

He made our skin a giant sun receptor and then gave our bodies the ability to soak in the sun and process that sunlight into Vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals that will naturally heal us and keep us healthy.

How genius!

So we told you to simply follow God’s blueprint from early on in the pandemic….and now we’re being vindicated!

Here is Dr. Pierre Kory talking to Tucker Carlson and blowing things wide open (sounds EXACTLY like all the articles we were publishing 4 years ago).  Take a look:

Dr. Pierre Kory: Big Pharma is ‘TERRIFIED’ of Vitamin D


Because “It threatens the DISEASE MODEL.”

A new meta-analysis out of Italy, published in the journal, Nutrients, has unearthed some shocking data about Vitamin D.

Looking at data from 16 different studies and 1.26 million individuals, the meta-analysis revealed:

  • Vitamin D showed about a 60% effectiveness against the incidence of COVID-19 in randomized control trials.
  • Vitamin D showed about 40-50% effectiveness in reducing the incidence of COVID-19 in observational studies.
  • For preventing severe COVID-19 cases requiring ICU care, vitamin D supplementation was about 70% effective.

So, we didn’t need to lock ourselves inside for years, be afraid, and vilify our neighbors for not wearing a mask.

All we needed to do was to go outside, get sunshine, and increase our vitamin D levels, and everything would have been fine.

More confirmation here:

Or brainwashing you that you must put creams on your skin to block out the sun from hitting you….

…it’s a constant effort to separate you from the sun.

Now ask yourself why?

And go back to what I said up above — how did God set things up?

If you ask me, he seems to be pretty keen on our skin absorbing the sun and converting it into things that keep us healthy and full of life.

Now imagine if it was a double-whammy and not only were they blocking out the sun and the benefits it gives you, but now imagine the sunscreen chemicals you apply directly to your skin cause cancer?

That’s what this woman says and I believe her:

From Joe Rogan to Russell Brand, the truth:

Turns out we were right all along.

Of course, we knew that.

You knew that.

But it’s still great to get that vindication.

And fascinating to see the REAL research and the REAL science that is now finally allowed to be posted on Twitter.

Truth is breaking free!

Check this out…

What they did to everyone was criminal!

How perfect is this?


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