EMBARRASSING: Biden can’t read the teleprompter while speaking in Ireland


On day 811 of Biden’s presidency he can’t even read a teleprompter while on an international stage in Ireland.

While speaking today, Biden stammered and stuttered while trying to pronounce a program written on his teleprompter in Northern Ireland:

I’m honestly not sure what was written on the teleprompter because Biden botched it so bad that I’m not sure he ever got it right.

For a second there I thought Biden was in South Korea and trying to speak their language. Because that’s exactly what it sounded like!

Marco Rubio nailed it this morning when he said: “We have a world that realizes that we have a president who can barely put together complete sentences, appears incoherent and often times doesn’t even know where he is…”

He’s exactly right. Saudi Arabia has already put out a skit mocking Biden for his incoherence and you know both Xi and Putin see it as well. Biden is a complete embarrassment.


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