FACT-CHECK: Donald Trump Just Sold Mar-A-Lago?


Did Donald Trump just sell Mar-a-Lago?

Is he broke?

Needs cash?

It’s all over?

If you listen to the MSM, that’s the story you get.

Good thing you don’t do that.

Good thing you trust us for the REAL story.

As usual, the MSM has twisted this story to fit their narrative.

StormHasArrived is on the case too, helping me set the record straight:

So the property was not “sold” it was transferred to a new company owned by Don Jr.

There are MANY reasons to do that.

TGP gets it:

Business Mogul and President Donald Trump Transferred Ownership of Mar-a-Lago to a Company Owned by His Son before Arrest via @gatewaypundit

— The Gateway Pundit (@gatewaypundit) August 25, 2023

But here’s how Newsweek reported it:

Donald Trump has reportedly sold his signature Mar-a-Lago luxury residence in Florida, according to a Zillow listing which said the resort was purchased on August 4—weeks before the former president voluntarily turned himself in at Fulton County jail in Georgia, where he was booked on 13 felony counts.

But a later report by The Express mentions that the former president might have not really “sold” the property, but simply transferred its ownership to an organization owned by his son Donald Trump Jr.

The listing, which is still available on Zillow’s website, shows that a 5,061-square-foot residence at 1100 S Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach, Florida, was sold on Friday, August 4 for $422,000,000.

While the home is not listed by Zillow as “Mar-a-Lago,” the address corresponds to that of Trump’s Palm Beach residence, and so does its size, roughly. The listing also mentioned that the last time that the property was sold was on April 6, 1995—the exact same date when the former president turned the residence, which he purchased in 1985 for $2 million, into The Mar-a-Lago Club. At the time, Zillow said the property was acquired for $12,000,000.

I’ll tell you one thing that stood out to me in that Newsweek report….

Trump is an INCREDIBLE businessman!

He bought MAL for $2 million — imagine that!

At the time he bought it for $2 million, it had a market value of $12 million.

That has now jumped to $422 million.

But right, tell me again how “broke” he is….


Other news outlets have apparently conceded this wasn’t a “sale” at all, but they are attacking the move and claiming it was a “fraudulent transfer”.

More BS:

These clown will never give up.

Take a look at RawStory almost stroking out claiming maybe they can now get him on a tax crime — what a joke:

The real estate site Zillow popped up with a strange listing for Mar-a-Lago, saying that former President Donald Trump sold his property for $422 million on Aug. 4, 2023.

Sifting through property records, The Expressrevealed that Trump might not have sold it, but rather moved ownership so that the country club could no longer be considered one of his personal assets. The beneficiary, according to records, is Donald Trump Jr – and the listed price is grossly “inflated,” according to one Trump expert.

Taking to social media on Friday, Trump biographer David Cay Johnston explained that when Trump purchased the property, he got the furniture and everything for “an unrecorded $10 million mortgage.

He added: “There’s a tax story, and maybe a tax crime in this.”

He noted that Zillow puts the estimated value closer to $24 million, which Johnston thinks is more accurate.

Former senior prosecutor for Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, similarly questioned the legality of the move.

“Fraudulent transfer?” he asked in the early hours of Friday morning.

The Zillow listing also gives the number of rooms and bathrooms and a history of property sales. It showed that on April 6, 1995 it was sold, which is the same date Trump purchased it for $2 million. At the time, Zillow said it was worth about $12 million, said Newsweek.

See a screen capture of the listing in the tweet below, or at Zillow.

Memo to Anti-Trump Losers: the man is clean!  And he’s MUCH smarter than you!  Just admit defeat and move on.  Oh, and he’s trying to save the country even in spite of you!

So there you go….Fact-Checked and you get the REAL scoop right here.


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