FLASHBACK: Chuck Norris Rips Into Democrat Party, Explains Why He’s A Republican


Quintessential tough guy Chuck Norris took a break from kicking ass and taking names to explain his support for the Republican Party and chastise Democrats for their feckless lurch to the progressive left in an unearthed clip from 2014.

Explaining how his politics have changed over the years, the “Walker, Texas Ranger” star said Democrats have gone “too far off the trail” and away from the concerns of regular Americans.

“What the Democrats believed 40 years ago, the Republicans believe today, and so I realized that I had to go to a Republican because the Democrats had gone just too far off the trail. They just got completely off the trail and lost all reality of what America stood for,” Norris said.

“Republicans, at this point in time, are more focused on what is best for America,” he added.


In a humorous exchange, Norris laughed mirthlessly while the cameraman told him that he also lost faith in the Democratic Party after voting for former President Barack Obama in 2008.

“If Obama would have fulfilled his promises, then he would have become one of the best presidents we ever had. But I was afraid when he was saying all this that it was not going to happen, and that was what I was fearful of… Everything that was needed to be done, he did not fill one promise, and so, you know, it’s said,” Norris said.

Gena O’Kelley, wife to Norris for 25 years, chimed in that she feels the same way, telling the cameraman, “It’s going to be young people like you who keep America great.”

Ambivalence toward working class Americans is a charge Democrats have weathered in recent decades as a more culturally diverse cross-section of the country gravitates toward the Republican Party, especially those without college or advanced degrees which includes 40 percent of citizens. President Trump famously earned greater shares of Black and Hispanic voters than past Republicans and maintains the GOP’s traditional lead among both men and women with less formal education and greater work experience.

In contrast, critics say, the Democratic elite have been enamored with Ivy League ideas about identity politics that strayed from the populist message of putting dollars back in the pockets of working families — a change, Norris said, that would have made former President John F. Kennedy, Jr. a Republican today.


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