FLASHBACK: Donald Rumsfeld The Day Before 9/11: “We Can’t Account For a Missing $2.3 Trillion…”


Never Forget…

Never Forget Building 7, which I just wrote about.

And Never Forget what Donald Rumsfeld said the DAY BEFORE the tragic events.

Have you heard about this before?

Maybe not.

Literally just one day before 9/11/01, Donald Rumsfeld went on TV and announced that we just couldn’t account for a missing $2.3 trillion.

Awwww shucks!

Rumsfeld and GWB just couldn’t figure out where it all went!

Perhaps if all the records would also disappear, then it wouldn’t be such a big deal?

Now where do you suppose the records were stored….?

I’ll let you figure that one out.

Watch the clip safely here on Rumble:

Backups here:

September 10th 2001. Sec Rumsfeld was explaining to congress that 2.3 trillion USD was missing from the budget. Conveniently the 911 WTC attacks happened the next day. No one ever found out what happened to all the missing money, it was covered up #911NeverForget

— Thady “Thaddeus” Holmes (@HolmesThady) September 11, 2022

And here:

#NeverForget September 10th 2001 Rumsfeld said that the Pentagon was missing $2.3 trillion. #NeverForget911

— Marchella (@MarketeerMa) September 10, 2022

Just more coincidences:

Awwww shucks, maybe we shipped it on pallets to Iran?

Who the hell knows!

NEVER forget that September 10th is just as significant as September 11th.

September 10, 2001 – Donald Rumsfeld announces that the Pentagon cannot account for $2.3 trillion in transactions.

WHAT did that 2.3 TRILLION in missing TAX PAYER assets from The Pentagon go to?

— The Drifter (@RSulliv15348672) September 11, 2022

Or this:

Anybody else think that maybe Rumsfeld, Cheney and George W. Bush were hip deep in 9/11?

Just one day before Rumsfeld testified before Congress that 2.3 Trillion dollars were missing from the Pentagon.

— Ultra Maga Little Hoarder Me (@YellowstoneRan1) September 11, 2022

So many questions:

FYI, just how large this is:

The ultimate question:

Want more?

Let’s keep going…

CONFIRMED: Thermite Used In 9/11, Controlled Demolition?

FOOTAGE FOUND: Donald Trump After 9/11: “I don’t believe it, bombs must have been used!”



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