Former CNN Host Brian Stelter is Running in New Jersey as a Republican


Former CNN host Brian Stelter is looking for a new job.

The liberal, extremely anti-Trump reporter is now running for office in New Jersey.

Specifically, he is running for a local School Board position as… wait for it… a REPUBLICAN!

Do these people think we’re stupid?

We witnessed Stelter for years not just bash President Trump, but the entire conservative movement.

He raged against Fox News and appeared to stand against everything that is America-First.

So, why exactly is he running for office as a Republican?

School Board elections are critical.


Because this is where decisions are made that impact our children’s education.

If you don’t like the WOKE agenda in schools and if you want schools to focus on the basics like English, math, and science, then you don’t want a leftist activist on the board.

Townhall confirms Stelter’s alarming run:

Brian Stelter is reportedly running for school board in Readington Township, New Jersey. The amusing part is that the former CNN host and media correspondent is running as a Republican.

To date, Stelter appears to be 100% on the Joe Biden wagon.

Take a look below:

As you can guess, Stelter is just a recent “Republican.”

He switched party affiliations in 2022.

Per BNN Breaking:

Once a familiar face on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’, Brian Stelter finds himself at the heart of a local school board election in Readington Township. A registered Republican since November 2022, Stelter’s candidacy has stirred the pot among local party members, bringing national attention to a typically low-key affair. His journey from media critic to aspiring school board member underscores a broader narrative about the fluidity of career paths and the intersection of media, politics, and education.

There are not yet any polls measuring Stelter’s candidacy.

Since New Jersey is reliably a blue state, it makes us wonder: Why did Stelter feel the need to switch his party affiliation?

Do you have any theories?

We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!


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