Former Lawyers Flip On President Trump In Leaked Videos


Former Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis told Georgia prosecutors that then-President Trump did not plan to leave the White House “under any circumstances.”

From ABC News:

As part of a plea deal, one of former President Donald Trump’s attorneys has told prosecutors in Georgia that she was informed in the wake of the 2020 election that Donald Trump was “not going to leave” the White House — despite the fact that he had already lost the election and most of his subsequent challenges.

The revelation, along with others, came during a confidential interview the attorney, Jenna Ellis, had with Fulton County investigators. ABC News has obtained portions of videos of the proffer sessions of both Ellis and Sidney Powell, two attorneys who aided Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. The videos for the first time reveal details of what they have told law enforcement since agreeing to cooperate last month in the district attorney’s election interference case.

Powell, meanwhile, explained to prosecutors her plans for seizing voting machines nationwide and claimed that she frequently communicated with Trump during her efforts to overturn the 2020 election — though both now claim she was never his attorney.

In the session, Powell reiterated the false assertion that Trump won the election — but acknowledged in the video that she didn’t know much about election law to begin with.

“Did I know anything about election law? No,” she told Fulton County prosecutors. “But I understand fraud from having been a prosecutor for 10 years, and knew generally what the fraud suit should be if the evidence showed what I thought it showed.”

Democrats will obviously jump at this as evidence that President Trump was planning to be a dictator. The only problem is neither of the state’s witnesses is credible.

Powell was fired by Trump after her bizarre claims that the election machines were doctored by a dead Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

For her part, Ellis was asking her followers on X, formerly Twitter, to donate to her legal funds to fight the charges just a couple of days before she took the plea deal.

She’s also on record saying President Trump shouldn’t concede the election and was exposed by Laura Loomer.

I’m sure no one has received a refund yet, and I wouldn’t take a grifter’s word at face value. The fact that she kept on cashing checks from Trump doesn’t help her case.


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