Former White House Stenographer: “Joe Biden is a Criminal,” Says His Evidence Would Lead to Biden’s Imprisonment or Impeachment


Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick joined Jesse Watters on FOX News to discuss a trip Joe Biden made to Ukraine in 2014 while he was vice president.

Biden reportedly visited Ukraine to boost the country’s energy industry shortly after Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma.

McCormick claims the trip Joe Biden made was to promote a “kickback scheme.”

The former White House stenographer said he went back to review the transcript from the briefing on that trip after he came across the Hunter Biden laptop.

“Years go by, I’ve left the White House. I’m writing books and I get ahold of the Hunter Biden laptop from Marco Polo,” McCormick explained.

“Then I go back over what I knew happened when I was working for Joe. I found the transcript that I wrote about that briefing. That’s when Jake Sullivan starts talking about fracking. And because of what I’d read in the laptop and what I reported in my Substack, previously, ‘I’m like wait a minute, Joe Biden knew Hunter Biden was already on the board on April 18th. Joe Biden knew,” McCormick said.

“He directed Sullivan to go back and talk to the press. This is a conspiracy. This is a crime. This is public corruption. That’s what the FBI is supposed to investigate,” he added.

McCormick said he wrote a Substack about it in November and nothing happened.

He also said he filled out an FBI witness tip-line.

“If you lie to the FBI when you’re submitting a tip like that, you can go to jail. I’m not lying. I’m telling the truth,” McCormick said.

“Joe Biden is lying. Joe Biden is a criminal. That’s the bottom line…I’ve got the evidence,” he stated.

“If they put me in front of the grand jury right now seated in Wilmington, with special prosecutor David Weiss, my testimony becomes the evidence that will put him in jail or lead to his impeachment,” he added.


The New York Post reported:

Mike McCormick says he was with current national security adviser Jake Sullivan — then a Biden aide — in the press cabin of Air Force Two en route to Kyiv on April 21, 2014, as he outlined how the world’s wealthiest country would help the deeply corrupt post-Soviet state build its gas industry.

Giving a rundown of priorities for the trip, Sullivan — described in a transcript as an anonymous “senior administration official” — said Biden would “discuss with [Ukrainian officials] medium- and long-term strategies to boost conventional gas production, and also to begin to take advantage of the unconventional gas reserves that are in Ukraine.”

Asked for details, the Biden aide said the US was interested in providing “technical assistance to help [Ukraine] be able to boost production in their conventional gas fields, where presently they aren’t getting the maximum of what they could be” while offering “technical assistance relating to a regulatory framework, and also the technology that would be required to extract unconventional gas resources; and Ukraine has meaningful reserves of unconventional gas according to the latest estimates.”

In December of that year, amid broader Obama administration support for Ukraine, Congress approved $50 million to support the country’s energy sector, including the natural gas industry.

McCormick, who worked more than a decade at the White House, told The Post this week he believes the timeline of events, featuring the unmasked longtime Joe Biden aide, demonstrates that the president used his prior position to help his son’s foreign business interests.

“Joe Biden was over there telling them, ‘You can’t be corrupt! You can’t be corrupt!’ while he was corrupt,” McCormick says. “Look, this is Air Force Two. This is Joe Biden’s plane. He’s in control of it. Jake Sullivan was in the front of the plane with Joe Biden in a meeting and then he walks back in the plane to talk to the press.”

Now, McCormick tells The Post that he wants to testify before the federal grand jury in Delaware considering charges against Hunter — saying he has relevant information that the FBI ignored.

“They’ve been looking at Hunter Biden, but this ties Joe Biden and [Sullivan] into promoting a kickback scheme with Ukraine,” he said. “It’s the timeline that does it.”

Hunter’s role at Burisma was not made public until a May 12, 2014, press release from the company.


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