FULL SPEECH: President Trump’s MAGA Rally In South Dakota 9/8/23


In case you missed the HUGE Rally last night in South Dakota, I’ve got it for you right here.

I couldn’t believe the energy and the stamina and HEART displayed by President Trump last night.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, this man is incredible.

But he seems to be aging in reverse, getting stronger and looking younger with each passing year.

Honestly, doesn’t he look even better than he did in 2016?

But he’s got an edge to him.

He was always known as a fighter, but in 2016 he didn’t realize just how truly EVIL these people are.

He thought he could come in and treat them with respect and fix things “by the book”.

The only problem?

The other side doesn’t play “by the book”.

We have a two-tiered justice system in America and that’s why you are now seeing Trump 2.0 — the Retribution President.

All rules are out the window and he’s got a new intensity about him that I haven’t seen before.

A new gear.

And as equally deep as the new intensity is, there is an even deeper level of heart displayed that shows how much this man loves America.

This speech last night was one for the history books.

And if you missed it you need to watch right here:

Can I just say….


After last night’s MASSIVE MAGA Rally in South Dakota, I have to say it again…

Everything right now feels like 2015/2016 repeating itself.

MAGA Rallies are back…

The energy is back…

The HOPE for the future is back…

And Memes are back!

This one was released a few weeks ago, but I randomly got one line stuck in my head this morning:  HOLLA WE WANT D-TRUMP! WE WANT D-TRUMP!

Feels like an anthem right now.

We’re done messing around.

It’s time for the RETRIBUTION PRESIDENT…and it’s going to be historic!

Now back to the video and the incredible talent it took to make this.

Not only did they have to get the visuals but then write the script and make Trump’s voice sing perfectly.

It’s so good!

Please enjoy:

Backup here on YouTube at least for right now:

I can’t even pick a favorite line, so many good ones…

If it’s not the chorus  “But Fatty only make my lead bigger” then I think MAYBE it would have to be “You will see her at the Court House, Call Her Fatty Willis”:

Humor and satire always hit stronger than most anything else.

Reaction is off the charts:

If you want more, we actually covered this same incredible team a few days ago.

Here’s another gem:

Meet “Rhonda Santis”

I don’t know what level of AI sorcery created this, all I can say is it’s freaky, it’s hilarious and it’s dead on perfect!

Called by some “Rhonda Santis” this is some wizardly combination of Ron DeSantis and Hillary Clinton.

The more you watch, the freakier it gets!

I can’t tell where Ron starts and Hillary begins….and vice versa.

The audio….

The visual….

It’s uncanny.

Just watch for yourself:

Even Don Jr. has started sharing the “Ronda Santis” memes:

“Why am I not up 50 points in the polls?”

I have no idea how they did this, but this is perfection:

Per the watermark, credit appears to go to the Dilley Meme Team.

Well done fellas and/or ladies!

And also from the Dilley Meme Team, this one is so good…

How do they do this?



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