Gaetz denounces Trump hush money trial outside courthouse


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) denounced former President Donald Trump‘s hush money trial outside of the Manhattan courthouse, deriding the case as the “Mr. Potato Head doll of crimes.”

Gaetz was among the latest group of Trump allies that made a pilgrimage of sorts to Trump’s trial in a show of support. Speaking outside the courthouse, the Florida Republican denounced the trial and case against Trump, starting by questioning the credibility of the star witness for the prosecution — former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

“There is literally no branch of government that Michael Cohen has not lied to,” he said. “He lied to investigators. He lied to the judge who sentenced him. He lied to the United States Congress, and he committed these lies for his own benefit.”

After attacking Judge Juan Merchant, Gaetz went a step further, declaring the whole trial was a farce.

“This is a made-up crime,” he continued. “No other American in the country would be charged with this type of crime. It’s like the Mr. Potato Head doll of crimes where they had to stick together a bunch of things that did not belong together.”

Gaetz concluded his remarks by expressing his loyalty to Trump and affirming the belief that he would win his third bid for election in November.

“We’re here voluntarily supporting our friend, President Trump, the leader of our movement, the leader of our party, and soon again, the leader of this great country,” he concluded.

As the historic trial enters its 18th day, prosecutors have so far failed to show the “other crime” needed to upgrade Trump’s misdemeanor charges to a felony conviction, according to legal experts.


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