Gavin Newsom’s Wife Says That She Killed Her Own Sister In Shocking Confession


The wife of California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, made a stunning revelation this week regarding the death of her sister in Hawaii decades ago.

Newsom detailed in a new interview how she accidentally ran over her sister with a golf cart during a family vacation.

“I thought if I went and spoke my truth that — I didn’t realize how much sexism and misogyny still exists in our culture,” Siebel Newsom said about testifying against Harvey Weinstein. “I was shocked by that. I was shocked. I really was. I mean, shame on me.”

“It was a horrific experience. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone,” she added.

The LA Times describes the accidental death of her sister:

“A few days before her 7th birthday, she and her older sister, Stacey, were playing on golf carts with several other children during a family vacation in Hawaii.

“Siebel Newsom didn’t see her sister hiding behind her cart when it went backwards, killing the 8-year-old, she said.

“Siebel Newsom wrapped her arms around her upper body as she told the story, pausing to collect herself.

The second-eldest of five daughters, Siebel Newsom was raised in a wealthy conservative family in Marin County.

“Her father, Ken Siebel, is a retired money manager, a GOP political donor and the kind of girl dad who taught them that it’s better to be respected than liked.

“She said her mother, Judy Siebel, stressed the importance of being a leader; her charity work included co-founding the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito.

She said of the traumatic incident:

“I felt the pressure to be perfect, to make my parents forget, by being two daughters instead of one.

“I’m sure there was survivor’s guilt, and I’m sure, in my subconscious.

“It’s like I have to make up for that loss.

“And I have to do something to improve other people’s lives or have an impact, double my own, which is a little crazy.

“I don’t use the word ‘crazy.’

“But you know, it’s aspirational.”


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