George Soros-Backed Prosecutor Rachael Rollins Resigns in Disgrace after Watchdog DOJ Probe


Rachael Rollins, the George Soros-backed “progressive” U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, has resigned in disgrace.

The Democrat prosecutor stepped down ahead of the release of the monthslong ethics investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Rollins, who was nominated by Democrat President Joe Biden in 2021, was a controversial figure from the start.

She is a vocal supporter of progressive criminal justice reform and her policies have been widely criticized by law enforcement officials and conservatives.

In a statement issued by her attorney Michael Bromwich, he shared Rollins was stepping down as “her presence has become a distraction.”

Rollins’ resignation is a major victory for law enforcement officials who have been critical of her progressive policies.

It is also a setback for the Biden administration, which has been trying to promote progressive criminal justice reform.

Rollins is the fifth Soros-backed rogue prosecutor who was voted out of office, declined to run for reelection, or resigned in disgrace in the last few months.

Others include Chesa Boudin, who was recalled in San Francisco; Marilyn Mosby, who lost her primary in Baltimore; Kim Gardner, who resigned in disgrace earlier this month in St. Louis; and Kim Foxx, the first Soros-funded big-city rogue prosecutor.

Radical billionaire Soros first funded Foxx in 2016 and has since amassed a national network of prosecutors.

Foxx was ostensibly forced to announce she would not run for reelection next year in Chicago by the Democrat machine that desperately needs to disassociate itself from rising crime rates ahead of its national convention next year in the Windy City.

Rollins’ fall from grace is further proof that the left-wing rogue prosecutor movement itself is starting to show some cracks at the seams.

The plan appears to be crumbling despite over $40 million in direct campaign spending from Soros and his friends and hundreds of millions in indirect spending to support the pro-criminal, anti-victim cult.

Still, it’s necessary to remain vigilant because scores of rogue prosecutors remain in office.

AP reported in part:

The Justice Department’s watchdog has yet to release its report detailing the findings of its investigation, but an attorney for Rollins told The Associated Press that she will be submitting a letter of resignation to President Joe Biden by close of business Friday…

The resignation of a U.S. attorney amid ethics concerns is an exceedingly rare phenomenon and is especially notable for a Justice Department that under Attorney General Merrick Garland has sought to restore a sense of normalcy and good governance following the turbulent four years of the Trump administration.

Rollins was sworn in as Massachusetts’ top federal law enforcement officer in January 2022 after serving as the district attorney for Boston and surrounding communities.

Rollins was praised by progressives for her approach to law enforcement before she was elevated to the high-profile U.S. attorney job amid stiff Republican opposition. Vice President Kamala Harris twice had to cast a tie-breaking vote for her nomination to move forward…

The inspector general’s office scrutiny into Rollins began after she was photographed last July arriving at a home in Andover, Massachusetts, where the DNC fundraiser with Jill Biden was held. That was according to two people briefed on the investigation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the probe.

The DOJ probe is a reminder that even the most powerful people are not above the law.

We will see what the Inspector General releases.


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