‘God Save The Queen, Man’: Biden Turns Heads With Bizarre Statement Following CT Speech


While addressing gun control advocates in Connecticut on Friday, President Biden concluded his speech by saying, “God save the queen, man,” before awkwardly exiting the stage.

The president traveled to Connecticut to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the passage of gun control legislation that received support from a number of Republicans after the Uvalde massacre in Texas last year. The “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” expanded background checks and added both new restrictions and new criminal offenses that gun owners could be subjected to.

Biden was joined by Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), arguably the most anti-gun politician in the nation and the face of gun control pushes.

“There were some Republican hearts that softened, but mostly that outcome a year ago this month was just an exercise in sheer brute political force,” Murphy told the audience at the invitation-only National Safer Communities Summit. “I think that you can see that in other movements that look and feel like ours over the years — the civil rights movement, the marriage equality movement — there is a moment where, all of a sudden, the change agents have the power,” he went on to say.

Biden echoed Murphy’s statements and claimed that Americans are becoming more receptive to gun control measures. “I believe we’ve reached a tipping point in this nation. I really do, swear to God,” Biden said. “As Senator Murphy says, success begets success.”

It was the end of President Biden’s remarks that have generated the most attention, however. “Alright, god save the queen, man,” Biden told the crowd at the conclusion of his speech. He then gestured towards his aides and asked which direction he was supposed to go before slowly jogging off the stage.


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