GOP Presidential Candidate Says He Would Have Prosecuted Donald Trump For These Two Cases


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he would have prosecuted Donald Trump for the classified documents and January 6th cases.

“I would have prosecuted the documents case, absolutely,” Christie said in a Newsmax interview.

“I would have prosecuted the Jan. 6 matter, but I would not have prosecuted the Atlanta matter against Donald Trump; I think it was unnecessary to do so,” he said.

“I would not have prosecuted the case in New York, and I said that at the time,” he added.

“GOP Presidential Candidate Chris Christie Just Announced on Newsmax That If He Wins The Presidency There Is No Situation In Which He Would Pardon Donald Trump,” John Basham said.

The Hill reports:

Christie, who is the former governor of New Jersey and a former federal prosecutor, said that while he believes the Justice Department has a two-tiered system of justice, he would not pardon Trump.

“Donald Trump will have to rise or fall based upon the proofs that are presented at his trial,” he said. “Now, if I felt like a trial was unfair, then I would consider it.”

“But, If I felt like he got a fair trial by a jury of his peers, which is what every American is entitled to, along with the presumption of innocence, which he is entitled to as well, then we make those judgments at the time,” the former governor added.

Christie entered the GOP presidential primary race in early June and has been vocal in his criticism of Trump since. Last month, Christie pushed back on Trump’s claims he was indicted for the American people and called the former president a “liar and a coward.”


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