Gov. Hobbs signs ‘Grandpa in the Garden’ bill, paving way for human composting in Arizona


Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs of Arizona has just signed a bill that will make human compositing legal in the state of Arizona.

Hobbs just signed House Bill 2081, known as the ‘Grandpa in the Garden Bill,’ into law.

This bill will now allow people to turn their loved ones into soil in a process called human composting.

Human composting or natural organic reduction is the process of “breaking down human remains into usable compost or soil that can be returned to the bereaved family or contributed to a conservation area.”

The process involves placing a human body into large tanks containing wood chips, straw, and other natural materials for about four to six weeks until the body turns into soil.

After the composting process is finished, family members can use the soil to plant trees or place the soil in their gardens.

Per AZ Family:

Traditional burials and cremations will no longer be the only options in Arizona when a loved one passes away.

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs recently signed HB 2081 into law, which will provide a new, eco-friendly alternative for disposing of someone’s body.

The process is called human composting or natural organic reduction.

Instead of being buried or cremated, remains are turned into fertile soil that can be used in someone’s backyard or garden.

Hobbs’ move made Arizona the 8th state to make human composting legal.

Other states that have already legalized the practice are California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Vermont,  Nevada, and New York.


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