Greg Gutfeld Drops Bomb on Fox News Over Tucker Carlson’s Firing — Panel Gasps


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld dropped a bomb on his own network over the firing of Tucker Carlson while praising Elon Musk’s stand against censorship.

Gutfeld began by talking about Musk’s recent interview at the New York Times DealBook Summit, in which he told fleeing advertisers to “go f-ck yourself.”

“If somebody has been trying to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money, go fuck yourself,” Musk said.

Gutfeld played the clip before weighing in, saying, “G.F. Y. What could that stand for? Gutfeld’s Frickin Yummy? But he’s got a point. How insane is it that companies are trying to blackmail the world’s richest man with money? That’s like extorting Jerry Nadler with salad. Or blackmailing sports fans by threatening to cancel PBS.”

“The fact is, Musk may be the last man standing between real freedom of speech and the suffocating block of this censorship industrial complex, which is made up of government, media, and tech forces,” Gutfeld continued.

“He realizes that advertisers have no spine and can be easily cowed by special interest groups in cahoots with political allies.”

Then Gutfeld stunned the audience and panel by saying, “If you don’t believe me, I’ve got two words for you: Tucker Carlson.”

The studio fell silent momentarily before a few panelists broke the silence, saying things like, “Whoa.”

Musk himself responded to the clip on X, saying, “Correct.”

The single tweet with a clip that Musk responded to had nearly 14 million views in 12 hours.

The network abruptly pulled Carlson off the air in April, despite being their most popular personality — by far. Two months later, they sent him a cease and desist letter over his internet-based show, “Tucker on Twitter,” which is now, “Tucker on X.”

Fox News maintains that they have an exclusive contract with Carlson that remains valid through December 31, 2024 — even though he was pulled off the air.

Carlson has argued that the network has committed material breaches of its contract, nullifying their control over his content.


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