Has He Cracked? Bizarre New Hunter Biden Video Raises More Questions


A new Hunter Biden video has been circulating online for the past few days.

In the video, we can see a distressed-looking Hunter Biden pacing around a house, staring emptily at the camera before ultimately ending the video.

Hunter Biden’s drug use is no secret to anyone at this point.

Though not confirmed, it looks like Hunter is on some substance, which is making him act paranoid.

Check out the video here:

Tell me.

Do you think he looks afraid?

Maybe he made a deal with the devil, and he is expecting something to happen.

The video has been circulating online.

Leaving many to speculate what the context behind the bizarre video is:

Hunter has a past of filming and recording his drug use.

Is this a sign that Hunter is currently high on drugs yet again?

Even Simon Ateba is concerned about Hunter Biden in the video:

Let me know what you think.

Is Hunter on drugs again?

Is he simply paranoid about something or someone coming for him?


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