Here Comes The Next Wave Of Travel Restrictions — Will Make 2020 Look Like Child’s Play!


Think 2020 was bad in terms of being able to travel?

Or even just leave your house?

You ain’t seen nothing yet, at least that is if these Deep State tyrants get their way.

2020 was the warm up act.

The test run.

They want airline travel cut to ZERO.

Literally, ZERO by 2050.

Well, “almost zero”.

Zero for all the normal people like you and me.

“THEY” still plan to fly on planes but in terms of you being able to buy a ticket and roll into an airport?


These people are sick.

It seems like all they ever want is death and destruction and destroying our way of life.


Here is a short clip from Glenn Beck interviewing one of the top travel experts on the top and he brings some inside information:

It’s happening gradually, but slowly, the far-left and global elites are changing your conception of traveling. Gone are the days where those who traveled were considered cultured, knowledgeable, or well-informed.

Soon, those who travel — or even those who WISH to travel — may be deemed ignorant, instead.

In this clip, Glenn sits down with a travel expert who details the signs that this change IS coming…and it’s all thanks to ESG metrics.

And even if you’re not a huge traveler, this WILL affect you: ‘You want to have the freedom of movement…no matter what party you’re a part of. So this is something universally we all need to make sure that we protect.’

Watch here:

I researched everything he said in that clip and it’s real.

Confirmed here:

And here:

Those images are from a report called Absolute Zero by Cambridge University.

Just demonic stuff, no other way to put it:

You know what they REALLY mean when they say “Absolute Zero”?

That’s what they want for us!

They want US to go to zero.



Much easier to control the herd if there are less of us.

A story as old as time.

Remember when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt and eventually they became so large in number that Pharaoh was threatened?

Same story, new century.

And for the visual learners, here is that WEF creep Klaus “Anal” Schwab and his buddy “King” Charles talking all about their “Absolute Zero” plan:

Two total losers.


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