High School Girl Destroys Transgender Ideology with Powerful Speech


A California schoolgirl destroyed her high school’s “woke” transgender ideology while delivering a passionate and powerful speech.

Megan Simpkins, a student at Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, was speaking out against a policy that allows male transgender students to use the female restroom.

The policy led to a physical altercation in which a male student assaulted two girls in the female facilities.

Simpkins called a viral video of the confrontation “infuriating.”

She asked school officials: “Why are we affirming the mental confusion of this boy and putting the safety of women in jeopardy by allowing mentally confused men to use the women’s spaces?”

A crowd behind Simpkins applauded her as she spoke before a board meeting of the Riverside Unified School District.

“Of course, any male who claims he is a woman will accept it, but what about the women?” she continued.

“What about the true girls like myself, who are female down to our DNA?

“Why don’t we ever get a say in whether or not we are comfortable with this?

“The truth is, we aren’t,” she said.

“The majority of us aren’t, and yet nothing has been done to protect the safety of these women.

“I will conclude with this: it all starts with you.

“You are in charge of the safety of us and the women and the kids of our parents, so please do something about it,” said Simpkins.


According to media reports, the biological male transgender student assaulted two girls, who were much smaller, in the restroom.

The viral video shows the trans student lifting one of the girls and pushing her into a table.

As the confrontation escalated, the male student began throwing punches at the girl and another who came to her defense.

Families and students told a Fox affiliate that the transgender student has a history of erratic and violent behavior.

“He’s [in the] girls’ locker room, using girls’ restrooms,” said MLK student Aiden Vermeir said of the transgender student.

“He spit on my friends that are girls, females.

“He shows his genitals in the locker room.”

In a statement, Riverside Unified School District said the transgender student has been permanently removed from the school.


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