House Oversight Chair Reveals the Multiple Aliases Joe Biden Used to Communicate with Hunter About Ukraine


House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) requested the National Archives produce records, without redactions, showing Biden’s communication with Hunter and business partners Eric Schwerin and Devon Archer using these pseudonyms.

The Kentucky congressman discussed the disturbing revelations that he found on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo on her show “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“We’ve learned that Joe Biden used at least three pseudonyms or fake names in emails that he was receiving from people within the federal government, people that worked for him,” Comer said. “And even more troubling than that,… we’ve learned that when he was receiving emails pertaining to Ukraine, his son Hunter was copied on them, which we’ve always heard that the White House has said that Hunter Biden wasn’t an employee of the government, he wasn’t any part of the government.”

“The evidence is mounting every day to prove that Joe Biden went to Ukraine for the sole purpose of firing Shokin, who was the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating his son for corruption,” he added in the interview. “What we heard in the transcribed interview with Devin Archer was that he said that the owners of Burisma were squeezing Hunter, saying, ‘we need help in Washington. You need to call Washington for help.’ Of course, the Democrats tried to say that, ‘well, that could have been anybody in Washington.’ But what we’ve now learned is Joe Biden was using a fake email name to receive correspondence from his staff that he was copying Hunter Biden on.”

“This is obvious that Joe Biden abused his power as vice president for the sole purpose to protect his son, who was receiving millions of millions of dollars from this corrupt Ukrainian energy company,” he added. “And this email ties Joe Biden and Hunter Biden into this corruption scheme without a shadow of a doubt.”

“This was 100% government business,” Comer also said. “Again, the Democrats in the White House have have claimed that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden had a wall, a firewall, between their business affairs… as you know, are no legitimate businesses here. The Biden family were receiving payments from bad people in bad countries around the world. And what we’ve been trying to do is figure out why, why in the world would the Biden family receive over $20 million from foreign nationals around the world? And this is evidence to show that Joe Biden was communicating with his son. He was making sure that his son knew he was on his way to Ukraine.”

“Remember the timeline of these emails show that Joe Biden was en route from Washington to Ukraine for the sole purpose of withholding aid to Ukraine in exchange for firing the prosecutor,” he went on. “And we know that happened, and we know Joe Biden accepted credit for it.”

“He did an interview where he said, well, son of a B—-, they fired the prosecutor before I got on the plane and left Ukraine.’ Joe Biden, in his own words, said that, so now we have evidence that Joe Biden and his administration was communicating with Hunter Biden,” he noted. “They knew Hunter Biden was affiliated with Ukraine. That’s another lie… Joe Biden said he didn’t even know Hunter was on the Burisma board for a long time. This is another lie. They were copying Hunter and the only emails we’ve seen were they were copying Hunter were pertaining to Ukraine at a critical time when Joe Biden was going there to fire the prosecutor in exchange for foreign aid. That’s called a quid pro quo… and that’s very illegal and it’s more evidence that Joe Biden was front and center in this influence peddling scheme.”

Between 2014 and 2016, then-Vice President Biden, using these aliases, kept Hunter informed about discussions with Ukrainian leaders, including then-President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. The Post disclosed this information first in 2021.

In a span from May 18 to June 15, 2016, John Flynn, an aide to Biden, forwarded the VP’s daily schedule to the private email address “[email protected]” multiple times. Notably, on May 26, Hunter was informed about an upcoming “8.45am prep for 9am phonecall [sic] with Pres Poroshenko.” Previously, Biden had pressured Poroshenko to dismiss the Ukrainian prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin, who had been investigating Burisma Holdings, a company where Hunter was a board member from 2014 to 2019, earning about $1 million annually.

After Shokin’s removal, Biden, who was responsible for Ukraine policy, conversed about reforms in Shokin’s department, as detailed in a May 27 readout. Biden later admitted, post-office in 2016, to having threatened in December 2015 to withhold $1 billion in US loan guarantees unless Shokin was fired.

On June 15, 2016, after a meeting with Prime Minister Groysman, there was an announcement regarding “$220 million in new assistance to Ukraine.” Hunter had been informed about this meeting a day earlier.

Despite concerns voiced by State Department officials over Hunter’s Burisma board position, they found no traction with the vice president. In 2015, Joe Biden’s longtime assistant, Kathy Chung, provided Hunter and “Peters” a list of 25 phone numbers associated with key political figures, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Loretta Lynch.

Through the “Robin Ware” alias, Hunter also encouraged his father to consider his friend, John McGrail, for a legal position in the Obama administration. Subsequently, McGrail was appointed deputy counsel to the VP and later promoted to counsel. Other emails sent from [email protected] between father and son shared family memories and photos.

The president utilized the “JRB Ware” pseudonym in late 2016 to discuss the Penn Biden Center’s plans in Washington, DC, which later came under scrutiny for housing classified materials.

Federal laws mandate officials preserve all official communications.


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