HUGE: GOP Rep Hints At Major Move Towards Impeaching Biden; “That’s Where We’re Headed”


Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) has revealed that House Oversight is potentially planning to impeach Joe Biden following recent revelations of criminal activity and obstruction of justice within the Biden family.

In a recent interview, Perry stated, “Look, breaking the law, high crimes and misdemeanors. There are a lot of members of Congress that know that the president is flouting the law. He knows that he’s, or feels that he’s generally incompetent and so on and so forth, but they’re waiting for a violation of section and code. And if we find that violation, in fact, then those indeed are undeniably impeachable offenses.”

Perry went on to explain that impeachment is not a legal remedy, but rather a political remedy. He believes that there would be support for an impeachment vote if Biden is found to have broken the law.

“To me, flouting the law, not failing to faithfully execute the law is an impeachable offense. And I would just submit to you that President Biden’s inaction and flouting of the law on our southern border is an impeachable offense. Unfortunately, there’s not enough of my colleagues that are convinced of that.”

“The destruction of America by millions upon millions of people coming here illegally, by the drugs that are coming, the cartel activity, the time-commitment crime that goes with it, is a reason for a vote of no confidence,” Perry said.

Perry and his colleagues believe that Biden’s inaction on the southern border and his general incompetence are impeachable offenses.

If Biden is found to have broken the law, then it is the duty of Congress to hold him accountable. As Perry stated, “We need to convince some of our colleagues that the legal remedy exists, if indeed it does. And right now, it looks like that’s where we’re headed.”


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