‘I’M NO FAN’: Trump Torches Fox News On Their Own Network During Heated Interview With Bret Baier


During an interview with Brett Baier of Fox News, former President Trump told the Fox host that he is no longer a fan of the network. He also pushed back against special counsel Jack Smith’s federal indictment and pointed to President Biden’s own extensive classified documents scandal.

“For me, at times, the Washington Post, various people – even Fox because, you know, I’m no great fan of Fox anymore,” Trump told Baier. “But you’re sitting here,” the Fox host replied. “Well, you’ve gotta get your word out somehow, right?” Trump shot back.

“They fought me very hard in 2016, very much like the way they’re fighting me now – very, very hard and, I won. Then they became very nice,” Trump said.

Baier also claimed that more independents watch Fox News than any other cable news network. “More independent voters watch Fox News than any other TV source,” he said. “A whole lot less than used to watch it,” Trump immediately fired back.

“They do watch,” Baier replied. “A-lot less, Brett,” the former president reaffirmed.

Additionally, Trump addressed special counsel Jack Smith’s federal indictment. “Based on the polls I’m leading Biden by a -lot. Based on the polls I’m leading all of the Republicans by a-lot, by 40 points and more. Right now I have the best polls I’ve ever had,” Trump said. “People see this stuff for what it is; it’s a political witch hunt, it’s a continuation.”

Trump’s assertion has been backed up by a recent poll from Harvard/CAPS Harris, which found that 56% of registered voters believe the indictment is politically motivated. A slightly higher percentage believe the charges amount to election interference.

The former president then pointed to President Biden’s own classified documents scandal and the double standard surrounding the indictment. “You wanna talk about a mess? Look at Biden, where he’s got 1,850 boxes. He has boxes stored in Chinatown in D.C., he has boxes stored at Penn Center, and he has boxes under his corvette and around his corvette, sitting in a garage for years,” he continued.


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