In A Two-Way Battle For the GOP Nomination, George Soros Believes DeSantis Will Defeat Trump


George Soros, a liberal billionaire influencer, said today that former President Donald Trump will run as a third-party candidate in 2024 if Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis defeats him in the GOP primary.

This would encourage Trump to run as a third-party candidate since his narcissism has become a disease. At the 2023 Munich Security Conference, Soros predicted a Democratic landslide and a Republican Party reformation as a result.

Soros attacked both aspects of DeSantis’s personality and Trump’s presidency in a lengthy address.

DeSantis is cunning, cunning, and ambitious, added Soros, who also predicted that he would be the Republican nominee. Trump, on the other hand, “has descended into a sad character who laments his defeat in 2020 constantly. Large Republican funders are deserting him in large numbers, he claimed.

International businessman and philanthropist Soros frequently contributes millions of dollars to campaigns and political organizations. He is the leader of a liberal global network of organizations promoting judicial reform, financial reform, and climate change.

According to rumors, he recently collaborated with Charles Koch and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to resurrect the Iran nuclear agreement. He frequently makes forecasts about the Republicans. There has been speculation about Trump running as a third party candidate if he loses the Republican nomination, even in mainstream Republican circles. Trump’s campaign would garner support from the Republican nominee because third-party candidates typically only accept votes from the other candidate in the contest whose politics are similar to their own.

In the majority of national polls, Trump consistently outperforms all GOP competitors. DeSantis, though, is well favored in early voting states, including Iowa and New Hampshire. Soros made it clear in his remarks that he did not support Trump or what he stood for and thought the former president posed a danger to democracy.

Trump is a severely flawed individual whose narcissism has developed into a disease. Democracy only gives him a platform on which to perform; he has no loyalty to it. He was less interested in advancing democratic values as president than he was in socializing with autocrats, according to Soros.

Despite the fact that many of Trump’s beneficial programs, such as tax cuts, the nomination of conservative judges, and election reform proposals, have been proven effective, Soros twisted many of them into liberal talking points.

Trump drew in a sizable number of uneducated white supporters, but his main backers were the mega-rich, and he undoubtedly met their needs. He reduced their taxes first. Second, he picked ideologues who supported an extreme version of the Republican agenda for the Supreme Court. Thirdly, he subdued the Republican Party by threatening those who didn’t swear allegiance to him with a primary challenge, according to Soros.

Finally, he encouraged Republican-run states to enact terrible voter suppression laws in order to guarantee that his party would hold onto power permanently. With that agenda, he came close to winning reelection in 2020, he continued.


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