Is That John Fetterman or a Body Double? Can You Pass This Test?


Listen, we’re not in the business of peddling conspiracy theories.

BUT, we certainly believe in trusting our own eyes and the reality before us.

And from where we stand? Something’s fishy in Fetterman-land!

Recently, a post on X lit up the internet, showing a stark contrast between what they’re calling the “new” and the “old” John Fetterman.

And folks, you can’t make this stuff up!

The photos are as different as night and day.

We get it, everyone ages, everyone changes, and a few nips and tucks here and there are not unheard of. But what’s going on with Fetterman?

It’s like trying to spot the differences in one of those side-by-side puzzles – and trust us, the differences are there!

Revolver News has the details:

A recent post on X, featuring side-by-side images of the “new” John Fetterman and the “old” John Fetterman, has sparked curiosity among many people. They’re asking, “Who’s the new guy?” because to them, it doesn’t look like John Fetterman. The post, created by podcaster Stew Peters, has already garnered over 1 million views and highlights a distinct difference between the new Fetterman and the old one – their ears. In the older photo on the right, John’s ears are clearly sticking out. However, in the newer “makeover” photo on the left, John’s ears seem to sit very close to his head. This has led to speculation: Did he undergo ear surgery? What’s going on?

Don’t believe us?

Take a look for yourself.

Treat this like a test or puzzle: can you spot any differences?

Podcaster Stew Peters threw a spanner in the works with his side-by-side comparison post, racking up a whopping 1 million views.

And no wonder!

The John Fetterman we used to know seems to have undergone quite the transformation. And the hottest point of contention?

The ears!

One minute they’re out and about, catching a breeze, and the next, they’re snug and tight, as if they’re hiding from the spotlight.

Did Mr. Fetterman have a secret ear-tucking surgery, or is there something even more intriguing at play?

We’ve heard of politicians flipping their stances, but flipping their ears?

This is a new one!

All we’re saying is, we have questions.

A lot of them.

So, will the real John Fetterman please stand up? Because with every passing glance, these pieces just aren’t adding up.

Whether it’s a cosmetic change or a doppelgänger mystery, we’re here, popcorn in hand, waiting for the grand reveal!

Of course, the media is already doing their due diligence.

They’re already referring to these questions as “conspiracy theories.”

Per Newsweek:

A change in John Fetterman’s appearance, which has seen the Pennsylvania senator shave his trademark beard and grow a moustache, has sparked a wild conspiracy theory online that he may have been replaced with a double.

The claim has been made by a number of Donald Trump-supporting influencers, with one claiming it proves the American government “uses doubles.”

In November 2022, Fetterman was elected as a Democratic senator, defeating Trump-endorsed Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz in a tightly fought contest, which helped the Democrats maintain control of the upper chamber.

In the world of politics, there’s often a fine line between humor and tastelessness.

But when it comes to Senator John Fetterman, we’re starting to wonder if he even knows where that line is.

With swirling rumors and chatter about him supposedly having a body double, what does Fetterman decide to do? Not issue a formal statement or address the rumors directly. Oh, no! He jumps right into the comedy skit business, trying his hand at some slapstick humor. Because, you know, having a body double is clearly as laughable as a knock-knock joke… or so he seems to think.

In a recent video, Fetterman attempts to quash the rumors. But instead of a serious acknowledgment, he decides to yuk it up with a “fake body double” gag. Really, Senator? Now, we’re all for a bit of humor now and then, but when it’s at the expense of genuine concerns and questions, it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow.

Local ABC27 News confirms Fetterman likes to “joke” about having a body double:

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) jokingly played along with a conspiracy theory that he had a body double, posting a video in which he interrupts himself explaining that the rumor was false, posing as a fake body double.

“During my time during the hospital, the fringy fringies really came up with a conspiracy theory that I have a body double,” Fetterman said in the video. “And I just want you to know that’s just crazy. That’s not true.”

The video then cuts to Fetterman, wearing a different colored hoodie and athletic shorts, walking in the door and pretending to be the senator’s body double.

“Yo, dude, John, what event am I supposed to be doing this afternoon?” the fake body double Fetterman asked.

Both versions of Fetterman then look at the camera and shrug.

Fetterman acknowledging and poking fun at the conspiracy theory that he had a body double comes as the lawmaker returned to the Senate this week following a six week stay in the hospital, during which he received treatment for clinical depression.

What’s even more baffling is his choice to make light of the situation when the context is tied to his recent hospital stay for clinical depression.

That’s serious business, and our hearts go out to anyone grappling with mental health issues.

But for a seasoned politician to then use such a delicate personal matter as a backdrop for a jest?

It begs the question: What was he thinking?

One might expect a politician in his position to issue a straightforward clarification about such rumors.

To set the record straight with dignity and grace.

But instead, Fetterman’s approach seems more in line with a schoolyard prankster than a respected Senator.

We’re not asking for Shakespearean eloquence here.

Just some basic decorum and sensitivity.

And honestly, if Fetterman can joke about something as serious as having a body double while simultaneously dealing with personal challenges, it makes us wonder: What else is he not taking seriously?

Sorry, Senator, but this time, we’re not laughing with you.

Instead, we’re left scratching our heads, asking…

What’s really going on, Mr. Fetterman? 🤔


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