Is The DOJ “Blackmailing” Republican Leadership?


As the Trump indictments continue to pile-up, it gets harder everyday for Americans to ignore the lack of action by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

When Nancy Pelosi was Speaker, President Trump couldn’t make a perfect phone call without an impeachment.

What’s going on with Kevin McCarthy? Here’s an idea, and it may be deeply sinister but will not a surprise. Read on.

It’s true that Speaker McCarthy floats the idea of impeachment on a regular basis. He alternates the target of impeachment from President Biden, to Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas, to United States Attorney General Merrick Garland.

When waging his campaign for Speaker, he couldn’t stop promising to impeach Mayorkas for failing to secure our Southern border and allowing millions of illegals to enter our country every year.

As the New York Times described the scene last Fall:

‘If Secretary Mayorkas does not resign, House Republicans will investigate every order, every action and every failure, and will determine whether we can begin an impeachment inquiry,’ Mr. McCarthy said in front of a bank of television cameras.

The threat was not a new one — Mr. McCarthy made a similar trip [to the border] last spring and warned then that a G.O.P. Congress would consider impeaching Mr. Mayorkas — but it was a striking change in tone from a leader who had spent the weeks before the midterm elections playing down the possibility that Republicans would use their power to impeach President Biden or members of his administration.

While Mr. McCarthy did not commit on Tuesday to following through on the threat to Mr. Mayorkas, he strongly hinted he was inclined to do so.

It’s important to note here that Secretary Mayorkas did not resign and he is not the subject of impeachment as of August, 2023.

Even as recently as late July, 2023, McCarthy continued to raise the possibilities of impeachment. Again, no action but he did talk about it.

Unnamed Republican lawmakers in the room told Politico:

Speaker Kevin McCarthy raised impeachment during a closed-door GOP meeting on Wednesday, cautioning his members that Republicans would launch a probe only when — and if — they secured the evidence to justify one, according to three lawmakers in the room who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Now, MSNBC believes that the Republicans have lost interest in any impeachments because they can’t find any evidence to support the efforts:

The GOP’s impeachment fever is starting to break. House Republicans are starting to realize that they don’t have the votes to impeach Biden’s Cabinet or even launch an official inquiry into the president.

It’s impossible to believe that the Republicans don’t have any evidence that would warrant an impeachment of Joe “Robert Peters” Biden or Alejandro “Come On In” Mayorkas.

Perhaps there’s another reason for Speaker McCarthy and Republican Leadership’s failure to impeach. Maybe it has something to do with the Chinese Communist Party?

Today on Twitter and later on Steve Bannon’s show/podcast The War Room (www.warroom.org), republican influencer and attorney Rogan O’Handley (@DC_Draino) posted his ideas about McCarthy’s never-gonna-happen impeachment inquiries.

Is it possible that the Department of Justice is holding the sword of Damocles over Kevin McCarthy’s head?

Did the DOJ tell McCarthy (and McConnell and company) that to impeach a Democrat means immediate and aggressive investigation of high ranking Republicans and their ties to Sequoia Capital? Let’s unpack this idea.

As DC_Draino tweeted, Sequoia Capital is no stranger to working the halls of Congress as top donors to both McCarthy and Senator McConnell. However, Sequoia’s largess does not stop in D.C. Look who else is getting big bucks and favors from the alleged CCP partner.

Making cash donations and offering “business assistance” is not new to Sequoia Capital. Look at this news about all the VC (venture capital) guys tied up in the FTX fraud:

The Sequoia bonds run deep within the Democratic establishment as well. The DOJ’s second highest ranking official, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, is well acquainted with the folks at Sequoia.

There are a lot of questions about Sequoia Capital and the Republicans in Congress who claim to be MAGA. Will we ever see any impeachments of the most corrupt administration in American history? If we wait on McCarthy, it will never happen.

The call now is to initiate impeachment proceedings and continue doing so until the Trump indictments come to an end. If McCarthy doesn’t take action, the next step should be #VacateTheChair.


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