“I’ve Never Voted In My Life…But I’m Hardcore MAGA Now!”


I’ve always been a big fan of Jason Whitlock.

From way back in the day when he’d be debating Steven A. Smith (is that a made-up name to sound like Naismith?) and Whitlock would always have the common sense side of the argument compared to Smith’s far out takes.

And I’ve become even more of a fan as I’ve seen him dive into politics and quickly discern who is real and who is bad news.

This is an epic interview with Tucker where I believe Whitlock is speaking for thousands or even millions of Americans right now….

“I’ve never voted before in my life”, Whitlock says.

“But I’m hardcore MAGA tonight!”

I think a lot of people just made that same jump.

Haven’t watched politics.

Don’t care about politics.

Really don’t care about Fake Politicians.

But Trump?

And the attack on Trump?

This is different.

Watch here:

We’re with you Jason, and welcome to the family!


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