Jack Smith Lets It Slip, Says The Quiet Part Out Loud!


The truth has this nasty habit of pushing through the pavement and simply coming out.

Our own words betray us, as the old saying goes. Everyone knows that every single piece of litigation and pending prosecution against former President Trump is purely political.

Only a shameless liar would deny this obvious reality at this point and attempt to justify preventing an individual from speaking out against the tyranny they are enduring.

Yet this is where we are at with ‘Unspecial’ Prosecutor Jack Smith. Smith submitted a filing in response to the Trump defense team’s latest filing to remove the gag order against him.

In the filing Smith used the term ‘political witnesses’ instead of ‘potential witnesses’—an obvious Freudian slip. Take a look:

The Associated Press detailed the temporary lifting of the gag order:

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit decision puts a hold on the limited gag order to give the judges time to consider Trump’s request for a longer pause on the restrictions while his appeals play out.

The appeals court said the temporary pause “should not be construed in any way as a ruling on the merits” of Trump’s bid.

The court set oral arguments for Nov. 20 before a panel of three judges — all appointees of Democratic presidents.

Mike Davis took the chance to lambast Smith:

“Biden Special Counsel Jack Smith is a dangerous coward. Jack Smith is used to the Supreme Court *unanimously* reversing and reprimanding him for his political prosecutions.

He’s seeking an unconstitutional gag order. Against a criminal defendant. Who happens to be the leading presidential candidate. With highly partisan DC Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan. So Jack:

Don’t take the political appointment, if you can’t take political criticism. Don’t bring unprecedented political charges, if you can’t take political criticism.

Don’t time those political charges to interfere in a presidential election, if you can’t take political criticism. Don’t hold an unprecedented political press conference, if you can’t take political criticism. Don’t illegally leak to reporters, if you can’t take political criticism.”

Attorney Robert Gouveia Esquire noted: “Jack Smith submitted his answer to Trump’s gag order appeal that is currently pending with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. In the opening pages, Smith claims Trump is essentially an insurrectionist even though he admits he was not charged accordingly under the law.”

CNN provided more details:

Judge Arthur Engoron imposed the gag order on Trump to prevent him from making any statements about court staff, citing security risks.

His order came after Trump posted on social media a baseless allegation involving the judge’s principal law clerk.

The judge later extended the gag order to ban Trump’s attorneys from making any public statements about communications that the judge has with the law clerk.


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