Jan 6 Tapes Released TODAY According To Mike Johnson


Representative Matt Gaetz recently promised that Speaker Mike Johnson would release the Jan 6 tapes within days.

It looks like it will be sooner than that, as Johnson just promised the release of the tapes TODAY:

Just minutes ago, Johnson posted a link for all Americans to view the tapes.

He has already made good on a promise that his predecessor failed to!

Here he provided the link to the tapes via the Committee on House Administration website.

The Washington Examiner reported on Johnson’s promise:

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) will make all surveillance footage of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot available for the public to access online starting “immediately,” the House leader announced Friday.

The tapes will be posted on a public website and contain more than 44,000 hours of security footage taken during the Jan. 6 riot, barring any video that contains sensitive security information or “information that would lead to retaliation of private citizens,” according to the speaker’s office. The footage is expected to be released in tranches beginning Friday and will continue being posted over the next several months.


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