Jen Psaki Attacks Republicans During MSNBC Debut: ‘Let Your Woke Flag Fly’


Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki attacked the Republican Party for their so-called “woke” messaging during her new MSNBC show, “Inside with Jen Psaki.”

Before her show began, Psaki took to Twitter to tell her followers she had a “few things to get off my chest about the GOP war on wokeism.”

During the opening segment of her show, Psaki assured her viewers they do not need to fear the Republican’s “war on wokeism,” adding that it is not the “boogeyman they have, you believe.”

“For Republicans, wokeness is Public Enemy number one,” Psaki said. “By the sound of it, there is simply no greater threat to American liberty; whether or not they believe it, they clearly think it’s a winning message ahead of 2024. And it makes you think, are they on to something? Should I be freaking out about how right-wing Republicans are co-opting woke and wokeism? My gut here is no; you don’t need to be too worried about their war on woke because the Republican crusade against wokeness may not be as potent of a campaign issue as they may hope.”

Psaki painted a picture depicting Republicans are the ones who are woke. However, the Left has normalized what once was questionable things. For instance, sexualizing children through the classroom and cartoons as well as not assuming a woman is a woman but asking for their pronouns first.

After her show, Psaki told her followers to “let your woke flag fly.”

Being woke is praised by Democrats and has sunken itself into America’s comedy, sports, movies, and education. Radical Leftists have deemed wokeness to be defined by “interlocking systems of oppression, the main pillar of which is white supremacy, while secondary but important ones are the privileging of heterosexuality and men over women. To be woke is to believe that these dominations permeate all social life and that overturning them is a moral imperative.”


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