Jen Psaki is Very Worried That Donald Trump is Going to Lock Up His Political Enemies if Re-elected President


That is the unmistakable warning from former White House flack turned state propaganda mouthpiece Jen Psaki.

The MSNBC host raised the possibility of reprisals from a future President Donald Trump against his political enemies as she shamelessly carried water for Joe Biden following a bad week for the president’s poll numbers.

After recent New York Times/Siena College polling showed the president losing Trump in five crucial states, Psaki, a former White House press secretary under Biden, weighed in on the prospective 2024 showdown.

Psaki said that too many Democrats were “freaking out” about the president’s poll numbers, mentioning the Democrats’ victories on Election Day this year before moving on to the “still very real” prospect of a second Trump term.

“Yet the hand ringing and cocktail party speculation about an alternative to Joe Biden is continuing, will continue,” she intoned. “Guess what? Joe Biden isn’t perfect. No candidate is, by the way, but we have to understand what the alternative is here.

“If elected to a second term, Donald Trump would prosecute anyone he deems an enemy, unleash troops on protesters, and essentially unravel the rule of law as we know it … But sure, Joe Biden is 3 years older and occasionally trips over things.”

“Look, there’s a lot to be concerned about right now when it comes to a second Trump term. The speeches are getting much more disturbing and much more unhinged, and we should all hear it that way,” she claimed.

“And the things he is saying right now are some of the most concerning things we have ever heard him say,” added Psaki, who showed a clip from Trump’s recent Univision interview in which he argued in favor of prosecuting his political rivals.

“What they’ve done is they’ve released the genie out of the box,” Trump said in an interview aired Thursday by Spanish-language outlet Univision.

Trump is facing four indictments totaling 91 allegations, ranging from allegedly lying on business paperwork to breaching anti-racketeering statutes and conspiring to defraud the United States. He is the Republican Party’s presidential front-runner for 2024. Many Trump supporters and political observers believe the DOJ’s unprecedented attacks on the presidential candidate are a form of “election interference.”

In answer to a question from Univision concerning his assertions that the Justice Department and FBI had been “weaponized” and if he would do the same if re-elected, Trump stated, “It’s not unique but it’s unique for the United States. Yeah, if they do this — and they’ve already done it — but if they want to follow through on this, yeah, it could certainly happen in reverse.”

Joe Biden, by the way, doesn’t just ‘occasionally trip.’ This is a disingenuous framing of serious concern about the president’s ability to perform the duties of the highest office.

President Biden has memory problems, makes constant gaffes, and issues bizarre statements suggesting he is not actually in charge of his own presidency. He wanders around aimlessly at times, such as during the somber ceremony honoring America’s fallen heroes on Veterans Day. Biden has also taken far more vacation than any president in modern American history, while presiding over one of the worst presidencies ever.

The economy is in shambles, inflation is rampant, interest rates have soared, consumer debt is at recent highs, the deficit is out-of-control, the national debt is at near-unsustainable levels, the dollar is weakening, the border crisis has exploded, and the nation’s foreign policy has done no less than set off a Middle East powderkeg and has risked World War III in Europe — all without Congressional authorization.

Biden’s regime is lawless, feckless, and ruthless. It has carried out mass censorship against Americans, prosecuted peaceful protesters and locked them up as political prisoners, and has carried out blatant election interference through lawfare against a presidential rival.

Jen Psaki knows all this. And how she can sit on television and bemoan a politician who has been relentlessly harassed, persecuted, and sabotaged promising ‘payback’ for his enemies is the height of absurdity.

If there is any justice in this world, there will be a reckoning.


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