Jim Jordan Tells Joe Biden The Jig Is Up


Jim Jordan just told President Joe Biden the jig is up and he is against more funding for Ukraine until the White House does its job and secures the border and makes American streets safe to walk down again.

Jordan is the frontrunner to be the next Speaker but regardless of who wins, Biden will have a hard time getting any more cash for Ukraine with serious concessions or offset spending.

“I’m against that,” Jordan said of an aid package for Ukraine. “The most pressing issue on Americans’ mind is not Ukraine — it is the border situation and it’s crime on streets.”

Matt Gaetz said: “My mentor Jim Jordan would be great (as Speaker).

“I know this, if it’s Speaker Jim Jordan or Speaker Steve Scalise there will be very few conservatives in the country who don’t see that as a monumental upgrade over Speaker McCarthy.”

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., backed Jordan for Speaker.

“We face difficult challenges, but the choice is clear: We need Jim Jordan as our next speaker of the House,” Issa said.

Mitch McConnell offered this piece of advice to the next Speaker:

“I have no advice to give to the House Republicans except one.

“I hope whoever the next speaker is gets rid of the motion to vacate.”

“The motion to vacate puts whoever the speaker is in a hammerlock of dysfunction.

“I think it makes the speaker’s job impossible and the American people expect us to have a functioning government.”


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