Joe Biden’s Youngest Brother Exposed in Leaked Online Photo


Apparently you can’t have the last name Biden without also having some questionable morals.

We are all familiar with the morals (or lack thereof) of Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and even Joe’s brother James Biden.

Apparently Joe’s youngest brother Frank Biden has been neglected in terms of the attention he gets.

I suppose that has changed, seeing as he now finds himself in the spotlight.

A picture of a naked Frank Biden has turned up on a gay porn website called ‘Guys With iPhones.’

When asked about the photo, Frank admitted that it was indeed him, but claimed that the photo was hacked from his phone.

“I really don’t want to start my day off this way,” claimed Frank.

‘Definitely didn’t post it anywhere.”

The Post Millennial has details:

Younger brother of Joe Biden Frank has admitted to being the person shown in a naked selfie photo that surfaced on a gay dating website called Guys With iPhones.

Guys With iPhones, which is owned by ‘gay porn blog’, says it is “Powered by a love for hot men who appreciate the finer gadgets in life,” reports the Daily Mail.

Upon being asked by the outlet whether or not he is the man depicted in the photo, the 69-year-old Frank admitted it was him but insisted he had not put it up for the world to see.

Daily Mail has more:

A naked selfie of Joe Biden’s brother Frank has been discovered on a gay porn site.

The photo was uploaded to in 2018, when Frank – who has a long-term female partner Mindy Ward – was 64. Even after more than five years, it is still live on the site.

It was first unearthed by right wing nonprofit Marco Polo, which has been investigating the Biden family for alleged political corruption and crimes for years.

When approached by, Frank, 69, conceded he was the man in the photo but denied he was the one who posted it.

‘I’ve absolutely no comment. I could care less. I haven’t even looked at it,’ Frank said Monday morning when asked about the shot at his Florida home.

‘They must have hacked my phone,’ he added.

‘Anything that is a revealing picture of some kind is between Mindy and me.

‘I really don’t want to start my day off this way,’ said Frank. ‘Definitely didn’t post it anywhere.

Look, I get it…

Your private life is your private life.

Still, America has literally seen way too much of the Bidens.

Do they know nothing of modesty in that family?


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