Joe Rogan says Democrats made a fatal error by making Trump a convicted felon


A groundswell of support for President Donald Trump has reached corners of the electorate where supporting a Republican for president was once considered an egregious offense. The change, according to Joe Rogan, is because Democrats have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by prosecuting him.

The celebrated podcaster cited the support of Trump among hip-hop stars as evidence that times are changing. On Wednesday, rap artist 50 Cent visited Capitol Hill, stopping to take photographs with Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) while crediting the conservative with “making the White House look good,” the New York Post reported.

“So many rappers are showing support for Trump now. It’s crazy. Cause now he’s got a felony. Now they realize also he’s getting trapped by the system, just like everybody’s been rapping about being trapped by the system, this bullsh*t system. And you watch it happen with him.”

The clip, spotted by Vigilante News, includes a reaction by comedian Tony Hinchcliff. “I don’t think they were counting on the black voter being like, ‘Hey, they just f*cked that guy. That’s what they do to us,” he replied to Rogan.

“[It’s] what they do for everybody, and they pretend they’re there for you while they’re letting in immigrants,” Rogan added.

Trump last week was convicted on 34 counts in a historic verdict and the first criminal conviction of a sitting or former U.S. president. Manhattan Judge Juan Merchan, a frequent foil to Trump, will oversee his sentencing on July 11th while Democratic District Attorney Alvin Bragg has not yet indicated if his office will recommend jail time.

Media attention to the trial’s outcome has focused particularly on Black communities where Trump has garnered greater support than any Republican presidential nominee since the Civil Rights era. As Rogan noted, supporters have claimed that the conviction has resonated with Black voters who share views about an unjust system filled with prejudices and biases that favor heavier sentences for Black defendants than, say, Hunter Biden. In contrast, the former president’s opponents have deemed the comparisons racist.

Still, the feeling that President Trump has tapped into a main vein of culture’s systemic skepticism is indubitable. During a brief stop in Manhattan and a Bronx rally last month, the Republican was mobbed by both New York City police officers and a diverse spectrum of fans lined up for photographs and handshakes. NBC News reporters were stunned after hearing rallygoers speaking about their hopes for a second Trump administration.

“I think he’s going to be elected the president because everyone still wants him as the president so to me it doesn’t matter,” one told the outlet. Another added, “Biden has disrespected the people of the city of New York. This was the best city in the world. We’re not the Great Apple anymore. We’re not the Big Apple. We are the rotten apple.”

Pressed about past statements by Trump that others have deemed racist toward minority voters, NBC’s Dasha Burns said that sentiment wasn’t shared by Bronx residents that day in May.

“But the folks said they don’t have a problem with that. They view his actions over his words in terms of what they feel he can do for their community. Again, the economy, those pocketbook issues over and over again top of the list,” she told her colleagues.

A focus group of Black Georgia voters was no less remarkable for MSNBC reporters.

Asked whether the trials have caused his support to waver, member Antonio Jones said the opposite. “It’s actually caused me to support him more. I just don’t believe there’s a coincidence that we have a trial happening in Atlanta, we have one happening in New York. So the question people are beginning to ask themselves, like I did, ‘Why now?’”

Here’s the full episode of Joe Rogan:


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