Judge Aileen Cannon Drops a Bombshell Against Jack Smith in Trump’s Classified Document Case


Judge Aileen Cannon, the judge who was appointed to oversee the classified document case against Trump, just made a request that is leaving liberals in an angry fury.

The bombshell?

Judge Cannon struck two of Jack Smith’s sealed filings and demanded to know why the prosecution is using an ‘out-of-disctrict grandy jury proceeding to continue to investigate.’

It seems like Smith and his team might be up to something.

Who would have thought!

Let’s take a look at what the New York Post had to say about this:

The Florida federal judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case blasted prosecutors on Monday for trying to secretly introduce grand jury evidence from another jurisdiction.

US District Judge Aileen Cannon denied special counsel Jack Smith’s request to file under seal additional grand jury information from the District of Columbia, court filings show.

Cannon said there was not “sufficient legal or factual basis to warrant” the “secrecy” — and ordered a clerk to remove both of Smith’s filings from the South Florida docket.

Cannon also asked Trump’s legal team to respond to allegations from those grand jury proceedings that attorney Stanley Woodward — representing Trump valet Waltine Nauta — has conflicts of interest in the documents case, since three of his clients may be called to testify as government witnesses.

The slimy Jack Smith and his liberal lackeys are seeking to undermine this trial with his out-of-district grand jury.

After all, political manipulation and sabotage seem to be the only thing in the Democrats’ wheelhouse!

Judge Cannon is not biased like liberals are shouting.

She is in pursuit of the truth, of a fair and just trial.

The Democrats don’t want a fair trial. They want a judge who is going to deliver on their dreams of a guilty verdict. A judge who will lock President Trump away and secure a Democrat victory

Now that Judge Cannon is doing her job and calling Jack Smith out, they go rabid:

As I said in my previous article, the timing of this court case is just all too convenient for Democrats.

All of this right as campaign season is kicking off.

Right when Trump’s team starts paying for political ads and other campaigning tools.

Money that now has to be allocated to legal battles against Democrats and their false charges.

If you ask me, this all reaks of more underhanded tactics that Democrats are using to try and undermine our elections AGAIN.


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