JUST IN: Freedom Caucus Hints At Potentially Vacating Speaker’s Chair If Biden-McCarthy Deal Passes


In a turn of events, the Freedom Caucus signaled more turbulence in the House of Representatives on Tuesday. The group hinted at the possibility of a motion to vacate Kevin McCarthy’s chair if the deal brokered between President Joe Biden and House Leader McCarthy proceeds.

The Freedom Caucus, a congressional group known for its conservative values and opposition to the mainstream Republican agenda, has been critical of the Biden-McCarthy deal since its inception. The deal has been presented as a bipartisan effort to address pressing issues facing the nation.

Despite the guarded optimism of some House members, the Freedom Caucus has voiced concerns about the potential implications of the deal on conservative principles. This discord culminated in a pointed question during a recent press conference.

“Were the bill to go forward, would you file a motion to vacate the chair?” one reporter asked.

Caught in the crosshairs of this political conflict, Scott Perry (R-PA) offered a measured response, while opening the door to the possibility:

“Look, we are focused. I’ll let each member speak for themselves. But for me, I am focused on defeating this bill. What happens post that and the agreements that we have, we will decide once we’ve determined the disposition of this bill and its finality.”


Perry’s statements underscore the Freedom Caucus’s willingness to resort to drastic measures to maintain their political integrity. The possibility of vacating the Speaker’s chair suggests a significant shift in House dynamics, signaling a potential escalation of internal conflict within the Republican Party.

While the caucus members’ individual perspectives may vary, the collective focus appears to be squarely on stopping the Biden-McCarthy deal.



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