JUST IN: Senator Joe Manchin Reveals Shocking Personal News


In a statement released on Tuesday, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) disclosed details about a car accident involving his wife, Gayle Manchin, who serves as the Federal Co-Chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission. The accident occurred in Birmingham, Alabama, and has resulted in her hospitalization.

According to Sen. Manchin’s statement, the accident happened on Monday when his wife Gayle and her colleague were traveling from the airport to a hotel in Birmingham.

“On Monday, my wife Gayle and her colleague Guy Land were involved in a car accident on the way from the airport to the hotel in Birmingham, Alabama for an Appalachian Regional Commission event that was planned for today,” Sen. Manchin wrote.

“Both were admitted to UAB Hospital and are receiving excellent care. She remains in stable condition but will stay there for a couple of days for precautionary measures. We want to thank the first responders who answered the call and were first on-site to provide assistance and support.”

Gayle Manchin, 76, is a former First Lady of West Virginia and has been involved in various educational and cultural initiatives in the state. In November, her husband announced he would not pursue another term in the U.S. Senate.

Since his first election in 2010, Manchin has voted with Republicans on a number of important matters while siding with Democrats on others. Due to his largely middle-of-the-road voting record, Manchin’s name has long been tossed around as a potential third-party White House option in 2024.

“Let me just say I have never been a spoiler, nor will I ever be a spoiler on any election,” Manchin said during an appearance on Fox News Sunday. “If I’m involved, I’m involved to win. But to be a spoiler for the sake of throwing the election one way or the other, I would never do,” he added in January.

Manchin did not rule out the possibility of launching a last-minute campaign for president, though he did tell Fox News’ Shannon Bream that he still wants to survey the election landscape until Super Tuesday. “For any third-party attempt, it would define itself by, let’s say, Super Tuesday. If there’s going to be any movement whatsoever,” he said.

“I think you start looking after Super Tuesday to find out what the lay of the land is going to be. A lot can change in the next two months. So let’s wait and see,” the outgoing senator went on to say.

Manchin recently traveled to New Hampshire where he launched Americans Together, a nationwide tour aimed at gauging interest in a potential run.


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