Kamala Harris Oddly Insists Biden Is “Very Much Alive” – Is She Telling The Truth?


Bill Whitaker spoke with Kamala Harris this past weekend In a 60 Minutes interview.

During the interview, Bill asked Kamala her thoughts about the possibility of Biden’s health preventing him from running for reelection and the resulting chaos that might bring for Democrats.

Kamala gave a non-answer.

Stating, “First of all, I’m not going to engage in that hypothetical because Joe Biden is very much alive and running for reelection.”

The comment has raised some eyebrows.

Watch the clip here:

The folks at Fox News share more on the exchange:

Harris spoke with Bill Whitaker about various issues including the ongoing Israel-Gaza War, the border crisis and the upcoming presidential election.

“We were talking to some democratic donors, and they have told us that, should something befall President Biden, and he is not able to run, that there would be a free for all for who would run as president. You are in the spot that that would be a natural for you to step up. But we’re hearing from donors that they would not naturally fall into line. Why is that?” Whitaker asked.

“First of all, I’m not going to engage in that hypothetical because Joe Biden is very much alive and running for re-election,” Harris responded.

“But you do know,” Whitaker interjected. “I mean that is a concern, and a legitimate concern, I would say.”

“I hear from a lot of different people a lot of different things. But let me just tell you, I’m focused on the job. I truly am. Our democracy is on the line, Bill. And I, frankly, in my head do not have time for parlor games, when we have a president who is running for re-election,” Harris said.

After a lengthy pause, Harris posited, “that’s it.”

Let’s be honest here, folks.

Kamala works closely with Biden.

And just from the clips of Biden, we know his health is deteriorating.

The man will be 82 years old by the time he becomes President.

Kamala must see the signs even more clearly than we do from our limited exposure.

Now, here is where we veer into speculation a bit.

Is it possible that Kamala knows that Biden is reaching a point where he might be removed from office?

This would benefit her as the vice president is second in line following the removal/death of the current sitting president.

The New York Post shares more on the story:

When confronted by Whitaker with the fact that she and Biden were polling “neck and neck” against Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, who has been indicted on 91 criminal charges, Harris also demurred.

“Why are you not 30 points ahead?” Whitaker asked.

“Well, I’m not — I’m not a political pundit, so I, I, I’m not gonna speak to that,” Harris struggled to answer.

“But what I will say is this: When the American people are able to take a close look at election time on their options, I think the choice is gonna be clear. Bill, we’re gonna win. Let me just tell you that. We’re gonna win. And I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy. But we will win.”

On Friday, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) launched a long-shot bid to challenge Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination after unsuccessfully lobbying several blue state governors to primary the president.

A poll from August showed 77% of Americans — and two-thirds of Democrats — believe Biden is too old to serve another term.

She is cocky that the American populace will choose the aging and increasingly delirious Biden over President Trump.

How is Biden going to even campaign?

He has spent nearly 40% of his time in the office on vacation.

President Trump is going to run circles around him come campaigning season.


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