Kamala Mask?


Did we just see the “Kamala Mask” exposed?

Look, I’m not a believer in all these people being dead and executed at GITMO and replaced with robots or clones or whatever other nonsense.

But…I am a reporter and I do report what my eyes see.

And so I have to keep reporting on stuff that just looks….”off”.

Not normal.

I report it and then you can decide what you think for yourself.

Sounds fair.

So here’s the latest that caught my eye from our friend Derek Johnson:

DJ clearly claiming we are watching a movie with actors straight out of “Central Casting”.

It does look a bit odd, right?

Here’s a zoom in:

Here are some more photos and different angles:

It’s actually not the first time we’ve seen something like this…

We had something almost identical with Elon at the World Cup a while back, remember this?

This might seem far-fetched, but I don’t make the news, I just cover it.

And when a bunch of people started emailing me these links, then that means it’s making news.

So it’s pretty basic and I’m not saying for sure what I believe, I’m just reporting….but many people believe that Elon Musk at the World Cup may not have been Elon at all.

They believe they spotted an obvious mask.

Look here and you can see the video for yourself:

Here is a freeze frame:

And a zoom in:

So the obvious part is the line on the neck, with the skin on one side being obviously different color than the skin on the other side.

Ok, so are we looking at masks?

Robots and clones are a bit far fetched, but “body doubles” are not.

Body doubles have been used for ages.

Is it that hard to imagine they’ve simply enhanced the body doubles with realistic face masks?

That doesn’t sound crazy to me at all.

Or….the other alternative is these people are all just fat!

It very well could just be folds of fatty skin.

What do you think?

This one is a little different though…

Have you seen this?

The Actor Playing Joe Biden Just Revealed His Mask?


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