Kevin McCarthy Is In Hot Water…


We have been hearing the rumors for quite some time now—is Kevin McCarthy on his way out?

It’s no secret that Speaker McCarthy has had notable disagreements with other high-profile members of the GOP.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, who has been one of McCarthy’s most vocal critics, continues to lambast McCarthy both in the Capitol and publicly to the media.

As pressure continues to mount against McCarthy, both from his colleagues in Washington and the GOP base, the media hasn’t failed to take notice.

A recent piece from Axios claimed that certain factions within the GOP are attempting to push McCarthy out of his leadership position.

Conservative commentator Gunther Eagleman provided a list of complaints against Speaker McCarthy that express a common sentiment among GOP voters.

“Kevin McCarthy…He sold us out on the debt ceiling. He refuses to hold anyone accountable. He hasn’t helped J6 political prisoners. He is sending our tax money to Ukraine. He lied to us about repealing 87,000 IRS agents on day 1. He still hasn’t released the J6 video to the public,” wrote Eagleman.

According to Axios:

McCarthy is going to have to dodge multiple landmines to retain his gavel, with Congress having until Sept. 30 to pass legislation to avoid a government shutdown.

Pressure is rising against McCarthy himself, with renewed suggestions that a motion may be called for a floor vote on his speakership.

Brigitte Gabriel asked: “Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi did everything in their power to destroy and stop President Trump. What has Kevin McCarthy done as Speaker to stop Joe Biden?”

Speaker McCarthy has voiced support for releasing all 40,000 hours of January 6th security footage. At the time of this writing, such a release has not occurred.

Despite this, McCarthy continues to grandstand around the topic. He recently posted this to the X social platform: “It doesn’t matter where you’re from—our Capitol is OPEN and yours to visit. As long as I’m Speaker, the People’s House will always be open to the people.”

The Hill echoed the recent rumors surrounding McCarthy’s potential ouster:

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) said Tuesday that a threat to Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R) Speakership is “inevitable” if he does not meet conservative demands and requires help from Democrats to avert a government shutdown.

Asked if he is prepared to move to vacate McCarthy’s Speakership, Jackson responded, “I think that’s inevitable.”


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