Liberals Crying: DOJ Clears Matt Gaetz After Years-Long “Sex Trafficking” Investigation


Liberals are very sad today, after the DOJ officially cleared  Matt Gaetz in the bizarre “sex trafficking” case, that seemed very odd right out of the gate.

Matt has always proclaimed his innocence, and apparently, the DOJ agreed after investigating him for over eons now. I am sure that they left no stone unturned, since he’s a “Trump guy.”

Matt has been under investigation for several years to determine if he violated sex trafficking laws and obstructed justice in that probe. Gaetz has previously denied all wrongdoing, and said he has never paid for sex nor had sex with an underage girl. CNN first reported that the department had decided against charging Gaetz.

Radar Online reported that Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida has been cleared after a years-long sex trafficking investigation, has learned.

The Justice Department formally decided not to charge Gaetz in a turn of events following his repeated denial of any wrongdoing.

Gaetz insisted that he has never paid for sex nor had intercourse with an underage girl.

Senior officials reached out to lawyers for multiple witnesses on February 15, well-placed sources told CNN in an update.

“We have just spoken with the DOJ and have been informed that they have concluded their investigation into Congressman Gaetz and allegations related to sex trafficking and obstruction of justice and they have determined not to bring any charges against him,” his lawyers, Marc Mukasey and Isabelle Kirshner, shared in a statement.

Prosecutors working on the case recommended against charging Gaetz in September, as previously reported, citing potential credibility issues for two of the main witnesses involved in the probe.

Gaetz was previously being looked into for three possible crimes: sex trafficking a 17-year-old; violating the Mann Act, which prohibits taking women across state lines for prostitution; and obstructing justice.

This has to be a big blow to the left, since for years they’ve been telling Matt Gaetz that he was going to prison.


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