LIVE From “Loserville” — The Funniest 54 Seconds You’ll See All Day!


So…who won last night’s debate between Ronald DeSantis and Greasy Gavin Newsom?

Holy crap that was tough to watch, wasn’t it?

As to who won, here’s what I wrote last night on Twitter:

DeSantis/Newsom debate: just got done watching.

My take: Newsom lost. DeSantis didn’t really “win” as much as Newsom lost and there is a difference.

DeSantis didn’t land many any big punches but Newsom self-destructed. Terrible performance. Newsome overcomplicated everything. Simple wins.

DeSantis won by default but this was ugly and hard to watch.

I feel bad for Sean.

Look, DeSantis is “right” on paper about everything he says.

If he had to pass a test about being President, he’d ace it.

And I know it’s not fair and I can’t really explain it, but being right on paper and being an Alpha Male in command of a room are just two different things.

Ron has the former in spades, but he doesn’t have the latter and he never will.

You can’t teach it.

You can’t study it.

You can’t practice it.

It’s ingrained.

You either have it or you don’t.

The constant wetting and licking of the lips….

The weird faces….

The nasally voice….

The Alfred E. Neuman face….

The boot lifts….

He just doesn’t have it, and I actually do feel sorry for him.

I don’t know that he truly even wanted to run for President.

I think he was pushed into it, and he’s giving it his best effort but you can’t gin up what you don’t have.

That’s my take.

Good guy.

Good Governor.

He’d be a great professor one day.

But simply not suited for President.

We need Trump back to clean house and save this country.

Then I’ll take 8 years of Kari Lake after that.

But back to our original question?

Who actually won the debate last night?

Lawrence Jones went to a cafe to find out and you gotta see the results of this….so good!

That seemed to be the sentiment on X too — Trump won last night.

Big League!

This was embarrassing for Ron:

And now the most hilarious part….

President Trump posted this earlier today and it’s the funniest 54 seconds you’ll see all day!

Live from “Loserville”:

I’m not sure if that was made by the Dilley Meme Team or not but it kinda feels like it.

This was though, and I still laugh at this one every time I watch it:

HILARIOUS: Trump Lowers Ron DeSantis With Bluetooth Boot Lifter!

It’s not often that I write an entire article about a 1 minute meme, but today is that day.


Because this had me laughing so hard I had to share it.

Don’t we all need to laugh right now?

Trust me, take whatever you are doing and put it on a 1 minute pause to just take a massive TIME OUT from all the negativity and stress of this world and just….LAUGH!


If that doesn’t work, backups here:


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