LOL: Joe Biden ‘TOO OLD’ to go to British coronation, they have to ‘space out his big bursts of activity’


The Telegraph spoke with Biden insiders and said that, despite the White House not saying for sure officially yet, they already have decided Biden won’t be attending the coronation of Charles as King of England.

First of all let’s just get it out of the way that none of us here care about the coronation. All done with that, got it. But that’s not the story.

The story is that the decrepit Biden can’t cross the Atlantic twice in a month because he’s a geezer.

“The guy is 80. They space out his big bursts of activity quite considerably,” an insider source told The Telegraph on Sunday. “When Biden does something like the State of the Union address, we didn’t see much from him in the following 48 hours. They don’t like to push him around the world too much.”

LOL. I mean NO KIDDING, y’all. Duh!

Joe Biden is too old to travel across the Atlantic twice in a month to visit the UK for the King’s Coronation, it has been claimed.

The Telegraph understands that the US president will reject Buckingham Palace’s invitation to the event on May 6.

Sources have pointed out he is scheduled to visit Northern Ireland for an event later this month, but those close to the President, 80, are also keen to restrict his international movements to avoid him becoming too tired to perform his domestic duties.

I’m cracking up here. I also liked this bit:

Mr Biden is the oldest person to hold the office of president, and was eight years older than Donald Trump, the second-oldest, at the time of their inaugurations.

If he decides to run again in the next presidential election and serves a full term, he will be 86 by the time he leaves office in 2028.

He can’t remember what he’s doing even when he ISN’T traveling abroad, who are they trying to kid here? The guy is walking dementia.

Still, it’s hilarious the Brits are calling him out.


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