Malik Obama Calls Obama GAY Then Quickly Deletes Tweet


Former President Barack Obama’s half brother Malik Obama took to Twitter to call Barack gay.

Malik called his brother gay after  Barack released a one page statement calling for libraries to put back on their shelves pro-LGBTQ books for children.

In response to Barack’s decision to promote pornographic children books, Malik tweeted “This man is definitely gay.”

Malik however swiftly deleted the tweet after it went viral.

Take a look at the deleted tweet here:

Here’s what the Post Millennial reported:

Malik Obama, the well-known half-brother of Barack Obama, caught eyeballs Monday on social media with a reaction he gave to a posted letter in which the former president praised librarians and complained of the ‘banning’ of certain types of books, including ones that push LGBTQ+ propaganda.

One infamous piece of LGBTQ+ work that has raised concerns for many school parents is “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” a book that features numerous graphic images and descriptions of homosexual conduct; this despite it being written for and distributed to children.

Malik reacted to Barack’s letter on Twitter, simply commenting in a now-deleted post, “This man is definitely gay.” He was ostensibly reacting to Barack’s musings about the so-called book bans, particularly as they pertain to LGBTQ+ literature.

Here was Barack Obama’s tweet:

Per Fox News:

Former President Barack Obama appeared in what’s expected to be the first in a series of TikToks to promote reading books that defy “profoundly misguided” restriction efforts.

The Kankakee Public Library in Illinois debuted a video that featured a series of people reading books that have faced controversy, such as Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple” and Angie Thomas’ “The Hate U Give.” The video ended with Obama reading from a book himself while drinking from a Kankakee Public Library mug.

The Washington Post reported that Obama has filmed multiple videos in libraries throughout the country to support library services and access to books.

At the forefront of book restrictions in school libraries is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education Law which prohibits school employees or third parties from distributing materials on “gender identity” or “sexual orientation” throughout all grade levels.


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