Many Believe This 15-Second Jill Biden Video Clip Doomed The Eagles at The Super Bowl…


The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t just lose the Super Bowl, they BIG TIME LOST the Super Bowl in the most horrific way imaginable.

That loss is something that will haunt those players for the rest of their lives… and many people believe that Jill Biden actually “doomed” The Eagles and they had no chance. She jinxed them. At least, that’s what they’re saying and it’s pretty funny. Actually, it goes along with the pretty well-proven theory that whatever the Biden’s touch turns to complete and total sh*t.

As for the Big Game, NBC Sports reported that the Eagles lost Super Bowl LVII to the Chiefs on Sunday night in infuriating fashion. The game was there for their taking, and they simply let Patrick Mahomes & Co. take it straight out of their hands.

There’s no need to belabor an introduction to what will undoubtedly be a deeply frustrating night, week, and month for Eagles fans.

Let’s overreact to a painful loss:

  1. This loss will haunt them for a while

The Eagles should be two-time Super Bowl champions. Instead, they’re going to wear a truly embarrassing Super Bowl loss for quite some time.

For a team that spent much of the 2022 NFL regular season, and all of the postseason, as the sport’s most impressive team, so much went wrong in the second half.

It was everything.

Jonathan Gannon didn’t make any adjustments, and looked wholly unprepared for the way the Chiefs attacked his defense in the second half.

Nick Sirianni started making outright bad decisions – wasting timeouts, punting when he should go for it, simply getting overwhelmed by the moment. At one point he called up a designed pass attempt to Zach Pascal in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.

The defense was unable to make a single stop. The pass rush evaporated. The offense sputtered.

For 30 minutes the Eagles were very clearly the better team, and even though the third quarter was underwhelming they still held a lead with 15 minutes to go. And then it all collapsed.

But all of that analysis is pointless, because we all know it was actually Jill’s fault they lost…

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“I blame Jill for this loss. That old lady probably doesn’t even watch football” 

“If the Biden’s put their stamp of approval on something, you know it’s going to wither and die” 

“Well, thanks a lot Jill. Because of your jinx I lost 250 bucks, and in your husbands sh*tty economy, that’s a lot!!!!”

“The Biden’s are such losers.” 

“Great Alice Cooper jinxed us” 

“Jill, your team didn’t have ballot harvesting, so they couldn’t win PA this time” 

“Lady, go knit or something and stop jinxing the f***ing super bowl” 

Of course, they couldn’t have Biden do that promo. His “dementia” shuffle would’ve caused a huge stir and probably caused the Eagles to lose even more tragically.


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